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         <p>This document defines an
         <a href="">XML</a>
         syntax for RDF called RDF/XML in terms of
         <a href="">Namespaces in XML</a>,
@@ -125,21 +124,22 @@
+    <section id="sotd">
+        This document is an edited version of the 2004 RDF XML Syntax
+        Specification Recommendation. The purpose of this revision is
+        to make this 
+        document available as part of the RDF 1.1 document set. Changes are
+        limited to revised references, terminology updates, and adaptations to
+        the introduction. 
+        The technical content of the document is unchanged. Details of the changes
+        are listed in the <a href="#changes-rdf11">Changes</a> section. </section>
     <section id="section-Introduction">
         <p>This document defines the
         XML [[!XML]] syntax for RDF graphs. </p>
-        <!--
-        which was originally defined in the
-        <a href="">RDF Model &amp; Syntax</a> <a href="#ref-rdfms">[RDF-MS]</a> W3C
-        Recommendation.  Subsequent implementations of this syntax and
-        comparison of the resulting RDF graphs have shown that there was
-        ambiguity &mdash; implementations generated different graphs and certain
-        syntax forms were not widely implemented.</p>
-        -->
         <p>This document revises the original RDF/XML gramma [[RDFMS]]
         in terms of XML Information Set [[!INFOSET]] information items which moves
         away from the rather low-level details of XML, such as particular
@@ -195,7 +195,7 @@
         <p>The RDF Concepts and Abstract Syntax document [[RDF11-CONCEPTS]]
         defines the RDF Graph data model and the
         RDF Graph abstract syntax.
-        Along with the RDF Semantics [[RDF11-SEMANTICS]]
+        Along with the RDF Semantics [[RDF11-MT]]
         this provides an abstract syntax with a formal semantics for it.
         The RDF graph has <em>nodes</em>
         and labeled directed <em>arcs</em>
@@ -674,7 +674,7 @@
         typed literal
         ("123", <code></code>)
         to be interpreted as an
-        XML Schema [[!XML-SCHEMA2]] datatype >code>int</code>.
+        XML Schema [[!XMLSCHEMA-2]] datatype >code>int</code>.
 <pre class="example" id="example10">
@@ -1324,7 +1324,7 @@
         <h3>Resolving IRIs</h3>
         <p>RDF/XML supports 
-        XML Base [[XML-BASE]]
+        XML Base [[XMLBASE]]
         which defines a
         <a href="#eventterm-element-base-uri" class="termref"><span
         class="arrow">·</span>base-uri<span class="arrow">·</span></a> 
@@ -1432,7 +1432,7 @@
           into a concrete syntax.</dd>
         <dt>Definition:<br /></dt>
-          <dd>An <dfn "dfn-rdf-xml-document">RDF/XML Document</dfn> is an
+          <dd>An <dfn id="dfn-rdf-xml-document">RDF/XML Document</dfn> is an
           <a href="#dfn-rdf-document" class="termref">RDF Document</a> written in the
           recommended XML transfer syntax for RDF as defined in this document.</dd>
@@ -1560,7 +1560,7 @@
         <p>This section is intended to satisfy the requirements for
         <a href="">Conformance</a>
-        in the [[INFOSET]] specification.
+        in the [[XML-INFOSET]] specification.
         It specifies the information items and properties that are needed
         to implement this specification.
@@ -1732,7 +1732,7 @@
           <dt id="eventterm-attribute-string-value">string-value</dt>
           <dd>Set to the value of the attribute information item
-          property [normalized value] as specified by [[XML]] (if an attribute whose normalized
+          property [normalized value] as specified by [[XML10]] (if an attribute whose normalized
           value is a zero-length string, then the string-value is also
           a zero-length string).</dd>
@@ -2040,7 +2040,7 @@
         <p class="note" id="literal-white-space-normalization-note">
 	<strong>Implementation Note (Informative): </strong>
-        In XML Schema (part 1) [[XML-SCHEMA1]],
+        In XML Schema (part 1) [[XMLSCHEMA-1]],
 	space normalization</a> 
@@ -2359,7 +2359,7 @@
         <tr valign="top">
         <td><a href="#ws">7.2.12</a> <a href="#ws">ws</a></td> <td>A
         <a href="#section-text-node">text event</a> matching white
-        space defined by XML [[XML]] definition <em>White Space</em>
+        space defined by XML [[XML10]] definition <em>White Space</em>
         Rule [3] <a href="">S</a>
         in section
@@ -2487,7 +2487,7 @@
         <td><a href="#literal">7.2.33</a> <a
         href="#literal">literal</a></td> <td>Any XML element content
         that is allowed according to 
-        [[XML]] definition <em>Content of Elements</em>
+        [[XML10]] definition <em>Content of Elements</em>
         Rule [43]
         <a href="">content</a>.
         in section
@@ -2704,7 +2704,9 @@
-        <li><dfn id="nodeElementStatement1"></dfn> If <em>e</em>.<a href="#eventterm-element-URI">URI</a> != <code>rdf:Description</code>
+        <li id="nodeElementStatement1"> If <em>e</em>.<a
+        href="#eventterm-element-URI">URI</a> !=
+        <code>rdf:Description</code> 
         then the following statement is added to the graph:
@@ -2713,7 +2715,7 @@
-        <li><dfn id="nodeElementStatement2"></dfn> If there is an attribute <em>a</em> 
+        <li id="nodeElementStatement2"> If there is an attribute <em>a</em> 
         in <a href="#propertyAttr">propertyAttr</a> with
         <em>a</em>.<a href="#eventterm-attribute-URI">URI</a> == <code>rdf:type</code>
@@ -2726,7 +2728,7 @@
-        <li><dfn id="nodeElementStatement3"></dfn> For each attribute <em>a</em> matching
+        <li id="nodeElementStatement3"> For each attribute <em>a</em> matching
         <a href="#propertyAttr">propertyAttr</a> (and not <code>rdf:type</code>),
         the Unicode string 
         <em>a</em>.<a href="#eventterm-attribute-string-value">string-value</a>
@@ -2742,7 +2744,7 @@
-        <li><dfn id="nodeElementStatement4"></dfn> Handle the
+        <li id="nodeElementStatement4"> Handle the
         <a href="#propertyEltList">propertyEltList</a> children events
         in document order.</li>
@@ -2755,7 +2757,7 @@
         <div class="productionOuter"><div class="productionInner"><p>
         A <a href="#section-text-node">text event</a> matching white space
-        defined by [[XML]] definition <em>White Space</em>
+        defined by [[XML10]] definition <em>White Space</em>
         Rule [3] <a href="">S</a>
         in section
         <a href="">Common Syntactic Constructs</a>