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Merge with RDF Concepts work
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     <p>Any <a>IRI</a> and <a>literal</a> <dfn title="denote">denotes</dfn>
     some thing in the universe of discourse. These things are called
     <dfn title="resource">resources</dfn>. Anything can be a resource,
-    including physical things, documents, and abstract concepts.
+    including physical things, documents, and abstract concepts; the term
+    is synonymous with “entity”.
     The resource denoted by an IRI is called its <a>referent</a>, and the
     resource denoted by a literal is called its
     <a title="literal value">value</a>. Literals have
@@ -375,6 +376,16 @@
     a new blank node to give <var>G'</var>. A definition of graph equivalence
     is needed to support the RDF Test Cases [[RDF-TESTCASES]] specification.</p>
+    <p class="issue">
+    This definition of “graph equivalence” only coincides with the
+    [[RDF-MT]] definition of
+    “<a href="">equivalent</a>”
+    under
+    <a href="">simple entailment</a>.
+    A possible solution would be to rename “graph equivalence” to
+    “graph isomorphism”. This is
+    <a href="">ISSUE-86</a>.</p>
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