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     originally created. </p>
     <p>In particular RDF can be used to publish and interlink data on the Web.
-    For example retrieving <code></code>
+    For example retrieving <code></code>
     could provide data about Bob, including the fact that he
     knows Alice, as identified by her IRI.
     Retrieving Alice's IRI could then provide more data about her, including links
@@ -356,7 +356,7 @@
      <p>Literals may only appear in the <strong>object position</strong> of a triple.</p>
-     <p>The RDF Concepts document provides a
+     <p>The RDF Concepts document provides a (non-exhaustive)
      <a href="">list
      of datatypes</a>.  This includes many datatypes defined by XML
      Schema, such as string, boolean, integer, decimal and date. </p>
@@ -403,7 +403,7 @@
       <p>For example, the
       statements in the <a href="#subsection-triple">first example</a> could be grouped in two
       graphs. A first graph could be provided by a social networking
-      site and identified by <code></code>:</p> 
+      site and identified by <code></code>:</p> 
         &lt;Bob&gt; &lt;is a&gt; &lt;person&gt;.
@@ -424,15 +424,15 @@
         &lt;Leonardo da Vinci&gt; &lt;is the creator of&gt; &lt;the Mona Lisa&gt;.
-        &lt;This video document&gt; &lt;is about&gt; &lt;the Mona Lisa&gt;
+        &lt;Video xyz&gt; &lt;is about&gt; &lt;the Mona Lisa&gt;
       <p>We can then make statements about these two graphs, for
       example adding license and provenance information:</p>
-        &lt;; &lt;is published by&gt; &lt;;.
-        &lt;; &lt;has license&gt; &lt;;.
+        &lt;; &lt;is published by&gt; &lt;;.
+        &lt;; &lt;has license&gt; &lt;;.
       <p>Multiple graphs in a RDF document constitute an <a