Add conformance from Richard Cyganiak
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Add conformance from Richard Cyganiak
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         <section id="conformance">
+        	<p>This specification defines conformance criteria for:</p>
+        			<ul>
+        				<li>Turtle documents
+    					<li>Turtle parsers
+					</ul>
+			<p>A conforming <strong>Turtle document</strong> is a Unicode string that conforms to the grammar and additional constraints defined in <a href="#sec-grammar">Turtle Grammar</a>, starting with the <a href="#grammar-production-turtleDoc"><code>turtleDoc</code> production</a>. A Turtle document serializes an RDF graph.</p>
+			<p>A conforming <strong>Turtle parser</strong> is a system capable of reading Turtle documents on behalf of an application. It makes the serialized RDF graph, as defined in <a href="#sec-parsing">Parsing</a>, available to the application, usually through some form of API.</p>
+			<p class="note">This specification does not define how Turtle parsers handle non-conforming input documents.</p>
         <section id="sec-mime">
           <h2>Media Type and Content Encoding</h2>