Changed XSD references to 1.1 and added note about them not yet being Rec
authorRichard Cyganiak <>
Thu, 10 Nov 2011 16:50:08 +0000
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Changed XSD references to 1.1 and added note about them not yet being Rec
--- a/rdf-concepts/index.html	Thu Nov 10 11:51:33 2011 +0000
+++ b/rdf-concepts/index.html	Thu Nov 10 16:50:08 2011 +0000
@@ -317,12 +317,12 @@
     values. Rather, RDF defers to datatypes that are defined
     separately, and identified with <a title="IRI">IRIs</a>.
     The predefined XML Schema
-    datatypes [[!XMLSCHEMA-2]] are expected
+    datatypes [[!XMLSCHEMA11-2]] are expected
     to be widely used for this purpose.</p>
     <p>RDF provides no mechanism for defining new datatypes. XML Schema
-    Datatypes [[!XMLSCHEMA-2]] provides an
+    Datatypes [[!XMLSCHEMA11-2]] provides an
     extensibility framework suitable for defining new datatypes for use
     in RDF.</p>
@@ -460,13 +460,15 @@
     <p class="issue">This section perhaps should discuss
     <a href="">the XSD datatype map</a>
     and <code><a href="">rdf:PlainLiteral</a></code>.
-    This is <a href="">ISSUE-70</a>.</p>
+    This is <a href="">ISSUE-70</a>. <a href="">ISSUE-65</a>
+    tracks the integration of new XSD 1.1 datatypes.</p>
+    </p>
 The datatype abstraction used in RDF is compatible with 
 the abstraction used in
 XML Schema Part 2:
-    Datatypes [[!XMLSCHEMA-2]].</p>
+    Datatypes [[!XMLSCHEMA11-2]].</p>
     <p>A <dfn>datatype</dfn> consists of a lexical space, a value space
     and a lexical-to-value mapping.</p>
@@ -521,7 +523,7 @@
 Schema mechanisms that control the lexical space and the value space; 
 however, RDF does not define a standard mechanism to access these facets.</li>
-<li>In [[XMLSCHEMA-1]],
+<li>In [[XMLSCHEMA11-1]],
 <a href="">
 white space normalization</a> occurs
@@ -1142,6 +1144,7 @@
   <h2>Changes from RDF 2004</h2>
+    <li>2011-11-10: Changed XSD references to version 1.1</li>
     <li>2011-11-10: Replaced the <a href="#section-fragID">section on fragment identifiers</a> with an updated account that follows RFC 3986</li>
     <li>2011-11-09: Updated the two sections on literals to reflect the <a href="">ISSUE-71</a> resolution that literals with language tag now have the datatype IRI <code>rdf:langString</code>. Formally introduced the term “language-tagged string”.</li>
     <li>2011-11-09: Add a note that explains that #x0-#x1F are no longer allowed in simple literals
@@ -1164,7 +1167,12 @@
-<section id="references"></section>
+<section id="references">
+    <p class="issue">This specification formally references version 1.1
+    of XML Schema [[XMLSCHEMA11-1]] and [[XMLSCHEMA11-2]].
+    These documents have not yet reached W3C Recommendation status,
+    but are expected to do so before we go to Last Call.