Add Cononical N-Triple document
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Add Cononical N-Triple document
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           <p>This specification defines conformance criteria for:</p>
                 <li>N-Triple documents
-                <li>N-Triple parsers
+                <li>Cononical N-Triple documents
                 <li>N-Triple seralizers
       <p>A conforming <strong>N-Triple document</strong> is a Unicode string that conforms to the grammar and additional constraints defined in <a href="#n-triples-grammar" class="sectionRef"></a>, starting with the <a href="#grammar-production-ntriplesDoc"><code>ntriplesDoc</code> production</a>. A N-Triple document serializes an RDF graph.</p>
+      <p>A <strong>cononical N-Triple document</strong> is a <strong>N-Triple document</strong> with additional constraints:<p>
+      <ul>
+        <li>Space between terms (<code>WS+</code>) SHOULD be a single space, (<code>U+0020</code>).
+        <li>Space after or before terms (<code>WS*</code>) SHOULD be empty.
+        <li><code>HEX</code> SHOULD use only uppercase letters (<code>[A-F]</code>).
+        <li>Characters not allowed directly in STRING_LITERAL_QUOTE (<code>U+0022</code>, <code>U+005C</code>, <code>U+000A</code>, <code>U+000D</code>) SHOULD use <code>ECHAR</code> not <code>UCHAR</code>.
+        <li>Characters SHOULD be represented directly and not by <code>UCHAR</code>.
+      </ul>
       <p>A conforming <strong>N-Triple parser</strong> is a system capable of reading N-Triple documents on behalf of an application. It makes the serialized RDF graph, as defined in <a href="#sec-parsing" class="sectionRef"></a>, available to the application, usually through some form of API.</p>
-      <p class="issue">N-Triple seralizers are not defined here, will likely include optional behavior to conform to RDF Test Cases syntax as well.</p>
       <p>The IRI that identifies the N-Triple language is: <code></code></p>          
         <section id="n-triples-mediatype">