add note on empty named graphs (ISSUE-22, ACTION-199)
authorRichard Cyganiak <>
Tue, 06 Nov 2012 11:21:45 +0000
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add note on empty named graphs (ISSUE-22, ACTION-199)
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     Graph names are unique within an RDF dataset.</li>
+    <div class="note" id="note-empty-named-graphs">Some RDF dataset
+    implementations do not track empty named graphs.
+    Therefore, to maximize interoperability, applications should avoid
+    ascribing importance to the presence of empty named graphs.</div>
     <div class="issue">
         <p>The Working Group will standardize a model and semantics for
         multiple graphs and graphs stores. The
@@ -1227,6 +1232,7 @@
   <em>RDF 1.1 Concepts and Abstract Syntax</em>.</p>
+    <li>2012-11-06: Add a <a href="#note-empty-named-graphs">note on empty named graphs</a> (<a href="">ISSUE-22</a>)</li>
     <li>2012-11-06: Modify the <a title="relative IRI">Note on relative IRIs</a> to stress their usefulness and to clarify the role of RFC 3986 in the resolution process</li>
     <li>2012-11-06: Informatively <a href="#referents">explain</a> that IRIs in this spec are treated only as nodes in a graph data model, and no interaction model is implied</li>
     <li>2012-08-09: Clarify that all datatypes are optional, but RDF-conformant specifications MAY require specific <a title="datatype map">datatype maps</a></li>