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more edits based on Pat;s comments
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       &lt;Bob&gt; &lt;is born on&gt; &lt;the 4th of July 1990&gt;. 
       &lt;Bob&gt; &lt;is interested in&gt; &lt;the Mona Lisa&gt;.
       &lt;Leonardo da Vinci&gt; &lt;is the creator of&gt; &lt;the Mona Lisa&gt;.
-      &lt;This video document&gt; &lt;is about&gt; &lt;the Mona Lisa&gt;
+      &lt;Video xyz&gt; &lt;is about&gt; &lt;the Mona Lisa&gt;
     <p>Resources typically occur in multiple 
@@ -283,10 +283,12 @@
       <figcaption>Informal graph of the sample triples</figcaption>
+    <!--
     <p>In the following sections we discuss the three basic constructs
     that appear in triples, namely IRIs, literals and blank
     nodes, in more detail. </p> 
+    -->
     <section id="subsection-IRI">
@@ -367,10 +369,10 @@
       <p>IRIs and literals together provide the basic material for
       writing down RDF statements. In addition, it is sometimes handy to
-      be able to talk about anonymous resources. For example, we might
-      want to state that "the Mona Lisa was created by X" and that "X
-      was born in Vinci".
-      Anonymous resources such as "X" are called <a
+      be able to talk about resources which have no identifier. For example, we might
+      want to state that the Mona Lisa painting has in its background
+      an unidentified tree which we know to be of a cypress tree.
+      Resources such as the unidentified cypress tree are called <a
       nodes"</a> in RDF. </p>
@@ -379,10 +381,12 @@
       to denote resources without explicitly naming them with an
+      <!--
       <p class="note">Blank nodes can make RDF look complicated,
       especially when one consults details about blank nodes in the RDF Concepts
       [[RDF11-CONCEPTS]] and RDF Semantics [[RDF11-MT]] documents. It
       should be noted that many RDF users in practice don't use blank nodes. </p> 
+      -->
       <p class="issue">Consider adding examples (in an appendix) of
     simple use of blank nodes.</p>