Better language in grammar note
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Wed, 20 Jul 2011 10:41:45 -0700
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Better language in grammar note
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             <p>The <acronym title="Extended Backus–Naur Form">EBNF</acronym> used here is defined in XML 1.0 (Third Edition)
             [[!EBNF-NOTATION]]. Production labels consisting of a number and a final 's', e.g. [<a href=""><span class="prodNo">60s</span></a>], reference to the production with that number in the <a href="">SPARQL Query Language for RDF grammar</a> [[RDF-SPARQL-QUERY]].
-            <p class="note">@@At this point there should be the table output from yacker, but I was having trouble getting it to behave as expected. See <a href="turtle.bnf">turtle.bnf</a> for exact grammar.</p>
+            <p class="note">There are known formating issues with the table form of the grammar. Please see <a href="turtle.bnf">turtle.bnf</a> for exact grammar.</p>
             <div data-include="turtle-bnf.html">