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         Misha Wolf (Reuters Ltd.)</p>
-    <section class="appendix informative" id="changes">
-      <h2>Change history</h2>
-      <section id="PER-changes">
-        <h3>Changes for Proposed Edited Recommendation in 2013</h3>
+    <section class="appendix informative" id="PER-changes">
+        <h2>Changes for RDF 1.1 Proposed Edited Recommendation</h2>
           <li>Conversion to ResPec, inclduing formatting of examples and notes.</li>
           <li>Refereces and anchors to RDF 1.0 documents where appropriate
@@ -1170,54 +1168,6 @@
         and 5.4.3. In the latter case the example referred to was
         moved into this document for readability purposes. </li> 
-      </section>
-      <section id="2004-changes">
-        <h3>Changes history of the 2004 Recommendation</h3>
-        <p>The following is an outline of the main changes made to the 2004
-          specification, latest first, since the Last Call Working Draft of <a
-            href="">23 January
-            2003</a>. See the <a href="">Last
-            Call issue tracking document</a> for details of the specific issues
-          raised regarding this specification.
-        </p>
-        <ul>
-          <li>Amended Appendix A to note that the RDF/XML description of RDF and
-            RDFS terms is not directly published at the RDFS namespace, but
-            split between the 'rdf:' and 'rdfs:' namespace documents. Also
-            removed the pre-REC warning that the WG might choose to change the
-            namespace URI prior to Recommendation.</li>
-          <li>Amended rdfs:range specification for rdf:predicate for consistency
-            with the Semantics document (previously rdf:Property; now,
-            rdfs:Resource)</li>
-          <li>Removed reference to RDF mimetypes doc, as the IETF draft has
-            expired and is 404 missing on their site.</li>
-          <li>Reification vocabulary redescribed (<a href="">details</a>).</li>
-          <li>Reworded rdfs:comment for rdfs:member, changing "container" to
-            "resource"</li>
-          <li>Reworded lead-in to Appendix A per <a href="">0170.html</a>.
-          </li>
-          <li>OWL references now go to OWL specs rather than WebOnt homepage.
-            Fixed minor typos per <a href="">0373.html</a>)</li>
-          <li>Reworded rdf:nil to tone down the imperative style.</li>
-          <li>Added note to Properties section warning about over-use of
-            sub-property,
-            and referencing OWL, an editorial suggestion from Bijan Parsia. (<a
-              href="">details</a>).
-          </li>
-          <li>Regarding <a href="">pfps-12</a>,
-            <a href="">discussion</a>
-            led to rdf:first/rest/List/nil rewritten per Peter Patel-Schneider's
-            suggestion.</li>
-          <li>Change to description of subProperty and subClass, to match <a href="">changes
-              to RDF Semantics</a>. See
-            <a href="">discussion</a>
-            for details.</li>
-          <li>Edits <a href="">closing</a>
-            'what is rdf schema' issue by clarifying that RDFS is a semantic
-            extension of RDF, as defined in the RDF Semantics document. This
-            closes rdfcore last call issue pfps-24.</li>
-        </ul>
-      </section>