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       <p>The RDF graph represented by an N-Triples document contains exactly each triple matching <a href="#prod-ntriples-triple">N-Triples <code>triple</code> production</a>.
-      <section>
+      <section id="sec-n-triples-language">
         <h2>N-Triples Language</h2>
         <section id="simple-triples">
           <h3>Simple Triples</h3>
@@ -215,7 +215,7 @@
       registration form.
-      <section>
+      <section id="sec-other-media-types">
         <h3>Other Media Types</h3>
         <p>N-Triples has been historically provided with other media types. N-Triples may also be provided as <code>text/plain</code>. When used in this way N-Triples MUST use the escaped form of any character outside US-ASCII. As N-Triples is a subset of Turtle a N-Triples document MAY also be provided as <code>text/turtle</code>. In both of these cases the document is not an N-Triples document as an N-Triples document is only provided as <code>application/n-triples</code>.</p>
@@ -240,7 +240,7 @@
         <section id="sec-diff-turtle" class="appendix informative">
           <h3>Summary of diffrences in N-Triples and Turtle</h3>
-          <section>
+          <section id="sec-triples">
             <p>N-Triples only allows for <a href="#simple-triples">simple triple</a> statements which MUST NOT contain new lines. A single triple is always a single line of the document.</p>