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     non-ASCII characters to be used in the IRI character string.</p>
     <p>IRIs can appear in all three positions of an RDF statement and are specified
-    in RFC 3987 [[!RFC3987]]. They can be used to identify both documents
+    in RFC 3987 [[!RFC3987]]. </p>
+    <p>IRIs can be used to identify both documents
     (e.g. a Web page) and things (e.g. a person). 
     For example, the IRI for the "Mona Lisa" painting in
     <a href="http://www.wikidata.org/">Wikidata</a> is:</p>
-      <pre "example">http://www.wikidata.org/entity/Q12418</pre>
+      <pre class="example">http://www.wikidata.org/entity/Q12418</pre>
     <p>The IRI for a Web page about this painting in Wikidata is:</p>
-      <pre "example">http://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Q12418</pre>
+      <pre class="example">http://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Q12418</pre>
-      <p>The IRI for Leonardo da Vinci in <a href="http://viaf.org">VIAF</a> is:</p>
+      <p>The IRI for Leonardo da Vinci in <a
+      href="http://viaf.org">VIAF</a> (Virtual International Authority
+      File) is:</p>
-      <pre "example">http://viaf.org/viaf/24604287/</pre>
+      <pre class="example">http://viaf.org/viaf/24604287/</pre>
       <p>The IRI for an <a href="http://www.ina.fr">INA</a> video about the Mona Lisa in <a href="http://www.europeana.eu">Europeana</a> is:</p>
-      <pre "example">http://data.europeana.eu/item/04802/243FA8618938F4117025F17A8B813C5F9AA4D619</pre>
+      <pre class="example">http://data.europeana.eu/item/04802/243FA8618938F4117025F17A8B813C5F9AA4D619</pre>
-    <p "note"> </p>
+    <p "note">RDF is agnositc about what the IRI stands for. However,
+    IRIS may be given meaning by particular vocabularies or
+    conventions. VIAF (see example above) is an example of this. RDF
+    vocabularies are discussed in more detail in Sec. <a
+    href=#section-RDF-Schema""RDF vocabularies"</a>. </p>
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