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       [[!TURTLE]], TriG [[!TRIG]], N-Triples [[!N-TRIPLES]], 
 			N-Quads [[!N-QUADS]] and JSON-LD [[!JSON-LD]].  RDFa [[!RDFA-PRIMER]]
 			is also a concrete syntax for RDF, but it was not defined
-			by the RDF Working Group.</li> 
-      <li>An RDF Vocabulary Description Language, RDF Schema
-      [[!RDF-SCHEMA]]</li>
+			by the RDF Working Group. The 2004 RDF/XML syntax
+		was updated to be in line with the RDF 1.1
+		specifications [[!RDF11-XML]]. </li> 
+      <li>A document describing RDF Schema [[!RDF11-SCHEMA]], which
+		provides a data-modeling vocabulary for RDF data. </li>
 		<p>The following prefixes are used in this document:</p>
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-    <p class="issue">This section does not yet list all those who
-    contributed to this document.  It should certainly include reviewers
-		and perhaps current RDF WG members.</p>
 		<p>The editor gratefully acknowledges the members of the RDF Working
 		Group who contributed to this document, including Richard Cyganiak,
 		Gavin Garothers, Pat Hayes, Sandro Hawke, Gregg Kellogg, Markus
 		Lanthaler, Peter Patel-Schneider, Eric Prud-hommeaux, Guus Schreiber
 		and Manu Sporny.
+<p>The membership of the RDF Working Group included Thomas Baker, Scott Bauer, Dan Brickley, Gavin Carothers, Pierre-Antoine Champin, Olivier Corby, Richard Cyganiak, Souripriya Das, Ian Davis, Lee Feigenbaum, Fabien Gandon, Charles Greer, Alex Hall, Steve Harris, Sandro Hawke, Patrick Hayes, Ivan Herman, Nicholas Humfrey, Kingsley Idehen, Gregg Kellogg, Markus Lanthaler, Arnaud Le Hors, Peter Patel-Schneider, Eric Prud'hommeaux, Yves Raimond, Nathan Rixham, Guus Schreiber, Andy Seaborne, Manu Sporny, Thomas Steiner, Ted Thibodeau, Mischa Tuffield, William Waites, Jan Wielemaker, David Wood, Zhe Wu, and Antoine Zimmermann.</p>
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