second part review Ivan
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Thu, 19 Dec 2013 21:14:56 +0100
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second part review Ivan
--- a/rdf-xml/index.html	Thu Dec 19 10:52:30 2013 +0100
+++ b/rdf-xml/index.html	Thu Dec 19 21:14:56 2013 +0100
@@ -620,7 +620,6 @@
         <code></code>, the predicate
         <code></code> (from
         <code>ex:prop</code>) and the object node with XML literal
         content beginning <code>a:Box</code>.
@@ -633,11 +632,12 @@
 &lt;rdf:RDF xmlns:rdf=""
-  &lt;rdf:Description rdf:about=""&gt;
-    &lt;ex:prop rdf:parseType="Literal"
-           xmlns:a=""&gt;&lt;a:Box required="true"&gt;
-      &lt;a:widget size="10" /&gt;
-      &lt;a:grommit id="23" /&gt;&lt;/a:Box&gt;
+  &lt;rdf:Description rdf:about=""&gt; 
+    &lt;ex:prop rdf:parseType="Literal" xmlns:a=""&gt;
+      &lt;a:Box required="true"&gt;
+        &lt;a:widget size="10" /&gt;
+        &lt;a:grommit id="23" /&gt;
+      &lt;/a:Box&gt;
@@ -712,7 +712,7 @@
         or on a property element to replace
-        with <code>rdf:nodeID="</code><em><a href="">blank node identifier</a></em><code>"</code>
+        with <code>rdf:nodeID="</code><em>blank node identifier</em><code>"</code>
         in both cases.</p>
         <p>Taking <a href="#example7">Example 7</a> and explicitly giving
@@ -1862,8 +1862,8 @@
           class="termref"><span class="arrow">·</span>identifier<span
           class="arrow">·</span></a> accessor.  
         The value begins with "_:" and the entire value MUST match the
-        <a href="">N-Triples</a>
-        <a href="">nodeID</a> production.
+        N-Triples
+        <a href="">BLANK_NODE_LABELD</a> production.
         The function MUST preserve distinct blank node identity as
           discussed in in section <a href="#section-Identifiers">5.2
@@ -1933,8 +1933,7 @@
          <p>The escaping of the <a
          href="#eventterm-literal-literal-value" class="termref"><span
-         class="arrow">·</span></a> accessor value uses the <a
-         href="">N-Triples</a> 
+         class="arrow">·</span></a> accessor value uses the N-Triples 
           escapes for strings as described in [[N-TRIPLES]]  
           for escaping certain characters such as &quot;. </p>
@@ -2249,7 +2248,7 @@
         <td>A string value for a new distinct generated
-        <a href="">blank node identifier</a>
+        blank node identifier
         as defined in <a href="#section-Identifiers">section 5.2 Identifiers</a>.
@@ -2878,11 +2877,11 @@
         <p>For element <em>e</em> and the literal <em>l</em>
         that is the <code>rdf:parseType="Literal"</code> content.
         <em>l</em> is not transformed by the syntax data model mapping into events
-        (as noted in <a href="#section-Data-Model">6 Syntax Data Model</a>)
+        (as noted in section <a href="#section-Data-Model">6 Syntax Data Model</a>)
         but remains an XML Infoset of XML Information items.</p>
         <p><em>l</em> is transformed into the lexical form of an
-        <a href="">XML literal</a>
+        <a href="">XML literal</a>
         in the RDF graph <em>x</em> (a Unicode string)
         by the following algorithm.  This does not mandate any implementation
         method &mdash; any other method that gives the same result may be used.</p>
@@ -2904,17 +2903,16 @@
         a UTF-8 encoding of some Unicode string <em>x</em> (sequence
         of Unicode characters)</li>
-	<li>Use <em>l</em> to construct an an <a
+	<li>Use <em>l</em> to construct an <a
-  sequence</a>.</li> 
+  sequence</a> [[XPATH-DATAMODEL-30]].</li> 
         <li>Apply <a
-  href=""></a> to this sequence to give an xsd:string <em>x</em>.</li>
+  href=""></a> [[XPATH-FUNCTIONS-30]]
+	to this sequence to give an xsd:string <em>x</em>.</li>
         <li>The Unicode string <em>x</em> is used as the lexical form of <em>l</em></li>
-        <li>This Unicode string
-        <em>x</em> SHOULD be in NFC Normal Form C [[NFC]]</li>
+        <li>This Unicode string <em>x</em> SHOULD be in NFC Normal Form C [[NFC]]</li>
         <p>Then <em>o</em> := typed-literal(<a href="#eventterm-typedliteral-literal-value">literal-value</a> := <em>x</em>, <a href="#eventterm-typedliteral-literal-datatype">literal-datatype</a> := <code></code> )
         and the following statement is added to the graph:</p>
@@ -3418,11 +3416,8 @@
     <section id="section-Serialising">
         <h2>Serializing an RDF Graph to RDF/XML</h2>
-        <p>There are some 
-        <a href="">RDF Graphs</a>
-        as defined in
-        <a href="">RDF Concepts and Abstract Syntax</a>
-        that cannot be serialized in RDF/XML. These are those that:</p>
+        <p>There are some RDF Graphs as defined in
+        [[RDF11-CONCEPTS]]that cannot be serialized in RDF/XML. These are those that:</p>
           <dt>Use property names that cannot be turned into XML namespace-qualified names.<br /></dt>
@@ -3433,7 +3428,6 @@
           It is recommended that implementors of RDF serializers, in order to
           break a URI into a namespace name and a local name, split it after
           the last XML non-<a href="">NCName</a>
           character, ensuring that the first character of the name is a
           <a href="">Letter</a> or '_'.
           If the URI ends in a
@@ -3501,11 +3495,10 @@
         <p>Gavin Carothers provided the RDF 1.1 update for the <a
         parseTypeLiteralPropertyElt</a>. Ivan Herman provided valuable
-        comments and redid Figs 1 and 2. </p>
+        comments and reworked Figs 1 and 2. </p>
         <p>This specification is a product of extended deliberations by the
-        <a href="">members
-        of the RDFcore Working Group and the RDF and RDF Schema Working Group</a>.</p>
+        members of the RDFcore Working Group and the RDF and RDF Schema Working Group.</p>
         <p>The following people provided valuable contributions to the document:</p>
@@ -3583,7 +3576,7 @@
 	  <li>Added diff with 2004 Recommendation</li>
 	  <li>Adapted  <a
-	parseTypeLiteralPropertyElt</a> to cater for non-normative
+	parseTypeLiteralPropertyElt</a> to cater for the non-normative
 	status of <code>rdf:XMLLiteral</code>.</li>
 	  <li>Improved version of Fugs. 1 and 2 (with same
@@ -3592,6 +3585,10 @@
 	have become irrelevant.</li>
 	<li>Added new datatype <code>rdf:HTML</code> to the list of things that
 	cannot be serialized in RDF/XML.</li>
+	<code>Replaced the link to 2004 N-Triples <code>nodeID</code> production to
+	the RDF 1.1 N-Triples <code>BLANK_NODE_LABEL</code>
+	production.</li>