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new conformance section
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 <section id="conformance">
-    <p>Implementations are free to represent <a title="RDF graph">RDF graphs</a> in
-    any other equivalent form.</p>
+    <p>This specification, <em>RDF 1.1 Concepts and Abstract Syntax</em>,
+    defines a data model and related terminology for use in
+    other specifications, such as
+    <a title="concrete RDF syntax">concrete RDF syntaxes</a>,
+    API specifications, and query languages.
+    Implementations cannot directly conform to
+    <em>RDF 1.1 Concepts and Abstract Syntax</em>,
+    but can conform to such other specifications that are based on the
+    RDF data model.</p>
-    <p class="issue">This section needs to explain what kind of artefact
-    can conform to this specification, and what is required in order to
-    conform.</p>
+    <p>Another specification conforms to
+    <em>RDF 1.1 Concepts and Abstract Syntax</em> if it defines operations
+    in terms of <a title="RDF graph">RDF graphs</a>
+    or <a title="RDF dataset">RDF datasets</a>, and if any use of
+    terminology defined in normative sections of
+    <em>RDF 1.1 Concepts and Abstract Syntax</em>
+    is consistent with its definitions and conformance requirements.</p>
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   <h2>Changes from RDF 2004</h2>
+    <li>2012-05-10: New <a href="#conformance">Conformance section</a> to explain that this specification is not implemented directly, but through other specifications that use our definitions</li>
     <li>2012-05-10: Simplified <code><a>rdf:XMLLiteral</a></code>'s new value space slightly after feedback from Ivan Herman and Arnaud Le Hors.</li>
     <li>2012-05-10: Added an informative subsection on <a href="#vocabularies">RDF vocabularies and namespace IRIs</a>.</li>
     <li>2012-05-09: Removed an example from the conformance section that didn't make sense any more with the modified <code>rdf:XMLLiteral</code>. Added some new issue boxes.</li>