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added note about langString to Turtle section
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 string"</code> is equivalent to <code>"This is a
 string"^^xsd:string</code>. </p>
-<p>In case of language-tagged strings the tag
+<p>In case of language-tagged literals the tag
 appears directly after the string, separated by a <code>@</code>
-symbol, e.g. <code>"Leonardo da Vinci"@it</code>. In the
-case of language-tagged strings the datatype is not specifed explictly
+symbol, e.g. <code>"Leonardo da Vinci"@it</code>. The
+datatype of language-tagged literals is not specifed explictly
 in Turtle.</p>
 <p>The above is by no means a full account of the Turtle syntax. For