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finalize SotD
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 <section id="sotd">
-    <p>The most significant normative change in this Working Draft
+    <p>This document is a snapshot of the
+    <a href="">RDF Working Group</a>'s
+    progress towards updating the RDF data model for RDF 1.1.
+    A <a href="#changes-wd3">list of changes</a> since the
+    <a href="">previous working draft</a>
+    is provided as an appendix.
+    The most significant normative change in this Working Draft
     is the adoption of the concepts of
     <a href="#section-dataset">RDF Dataset</a> and
     <a href="#dfn-named-graph">named graph</a> from
     <a href="">SPARQL</a>.
     The <a href="#section-Introduction">introduction</a> has seen
     major changes, as have various informative notes
-    throughout the document. <a href="#changes-wd3">Appendix B</a>
-    contains a change log.
+    throughout the document.
     Various areas of ongoing work are marked throughout the text,
     in particular the definitions of
     <a href="#section-blank-nodes">blank nodes</a>,