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     <section id="ch_introduction">
-      <p>The Resource Description Framework (RDF) is a general-purpose language
-        for
-        representing information in the Web.</p>
       <p>RDF Schema provides a data-modelling vocabulary for RDF data.
         It is complemented by several companion documents which
         describe the basic concepts and abstract stntax of RDF
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         and the RDF Semantics specification, the RDF Semantics specification
         be taken to be correct.</p>
-      <!--
-<p>RDF properties may be thought of as attributes of resources and inthis sense correspond to traditional attribute-value pairs. RDF
-properties also represent relationships between resources.</p> 
-<p>RDF however, provides no mechanisms for describing these properties, nordoes it provide any mechanisms for describing the relationships between these
-properties and other resources. That is the role of the RDF vocabularydescription language, RDF Schema. RDF Schema defines classes and properties
-that may be used to describe classes, properties and other resources.</p>
-<p>This document does not specify a vocabulary of descriptive properties suchas "author". Instead it specifies mechanisms that may be used to name and
-describe properties and the classes of resource they describe.</p>-->
         RDF Schema is a <a href="">semantic
           extension</a> of RDF. It provides mechanisms for describing groups of
@@ -199,11 +189,8 @@
         languages and other formalisms (for example temporal logics) will each
         contribute to our ability to capture meaningful generalizations about
         data in
-        the Web.
-        <!--
-RDF vocabulary designers can create and deploy Semantic Webapplications using the RDF Schema facilities,
-while exploring richer languages that share thisgeneral approach.
+        the Web.</p>
       <p>The language defined in this specification consists of a collection of
         RDF resources that can be used to describe other RDF resources in
         application-specific RDF vocabularies. The core vocabulary is defined in
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     <section class="informative" id="ch_summary">
       <h2>RDF Schema summary</h2>
       <p>The tables in this section provide an overview of the RDF Schema vocabulary.</p>
-      <!-- of RDF, drawing together
-        vocabulary originally defined in the RDF Model and Syntax
-        specification [[RDFMS]] with
-        classes and properties that originate with RDF Schema.
-      -->
       <section id="ch_sumclasses">
         <h3>RDF classes</h3>