Adding refs to examples
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Adding refs to examples
--- a/rdf-primer/index.html	Wed Nov 13 12:11:03 2013 +0000
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@@ -775,7 +775,7 @@
       <dd>RDFa [[RDFA-PRIMER]] can be used to embed RDF data within
-      HTML documents. @@ extend, <a href="#rdfa-example">example</a></dd>
+      HTML documents. @@ extend, <a href="#subsection-rdfa">example</a></dd>
       <dd>JSON-LD [[JSON-LD]] provides a JSON syntax for RDF graphs and datasets.
@@ -786,7 +786,7 @@
       an object described in another JSON document elsewhere on the
       Web, as well as datatype and language handling. JSON-LD
       [[JSON-LD]] also provides a way to serialize RDF datasets 
-      through the use of the <code>@graph</code> keyword.</dd>
+      through the use of the <code>@graph</code> keyword. <a href="#subsection-jsonld">example</a></dd>
       <dd>N-Triples [[N-TRIPLES]]
@@ -795,20 +795,20 @@
       an RDF triple. Its subject, predicate and object are separated
       by white space. N-Triples is often used for RDF examples,
       exchanging large RDF datasets, and processing large RDF graphs 
-      with line-oriented text processing tools.</dd>
+      with line-oriented text processing tools. <a href="#subsection-ntriples">example</a></dd>
       <dd>N-Quads [[N-QUADS]] is
       a simple extension to N-Triples enabling the exchange of RDF
       datasets. N-Quads adds a fourth 
       element to each line, capturing the graph IRI of the triple
-      described on that line. </dd>
+      described on that line. <a href="#subsection-nquads">example</a></dd>
       <dd>RDF/XML [[RDF-SYNTAX-GRAMMAR]] provides an XML syntax for RDF
       graphs. RDF/XML was the only normative syntax for RDF before the
       RDF 1.1 set of recommendations introduced multiple 
-      syntaxes for RDF graphs.</dd>
+      syntaxes for RDF graphs. <a href="#subsection-rdf-xml">example</a></dd>
    <p>For more information about these syntaxes consult the references.</p>