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     RDF Schema can itself be used to define and document additional
     RDF vocabularies. Some such vocabularies are mentioned in the
     Primer [[RDF-PRIMER]].</p>
+    <p class="issue">It has been suggested that this specification should
+    also define terms such as “<dfn>namespace</dfn>”, “<dfn>namespace IRI</dfn>”,
+    and “<dfn>namespace prefix</dfn>”.</p>
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 <section id="conformance">
-    Implementations are free to represent <a title="RDF graph">RDF graphs</a> in
-    any other equivalent form. As an example: in an RDF graph,
-    literals with datatype <tt><a>rdf:XMLLiteral</a></tt> can be represented
-    in a non-canonical
-    format, and canonicalization performed during the comparison between two
-    such literals. In this example the comparisons may be
-    being performed either between syntactic structures or
-    between their denotations in the domain of discourse.
-    Implementations that do not require any such comparisons can
-    hence be optimized.</p>
+    <p>Implementations are free to represent <a title="RDF graph">RDF graphs</a> in
+    any other equivalent form.</p>
+    <p class="issue">This section needs to explain what kind of artefact
+    can conform to this specification, and what is required in order to
+    conform.</p>
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   <h2>Changes from RDF 2004</h2>
+    <li>2012-05-09: Removed an example from the conformance section that didn't make sense any more with the modified <code>rdf:XMLLiteral</code>. Added some new issue boxes.</li>
     <li>2012-05-09: <code><a>rdf:XMLLiteral</a></code> no longer requires lexical forms to be canonicalized, and the value space is now defined in terms of [[DOM-LEVEL-3-CORE]] (<a href="">ISSUE-13</a>)</li>
     <li>2012-05-09: Removed Section 3 <em>RDF Vocabulary IRI and Namespace</em>; its contents will be folded into the RDF Schema document</li>
     <li>2012-05-02: Renamed “graph equivalence” to “<a>graph isomorphism</a>” (<a href="">ISSUE-86</a>)</li>