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 from which they were derived, so that their reliability can be
+<p>It is also important to note that a given entity might be a primary source for one entity but not another. It the reason why Primary Source is defined as a relation as opposed to a subtype of Entity.</p>
 <p>A <dfn>primary source</dfn> relation is a particular case of <a>derivation</a> of
 secondary materials from their primary sources. It is recognized that
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       of derivation is on connecting a generated entity to a used  entity.
 <li> <a href="">ISSUE-526</a>: Added sentence clarifying sentence in section 5.5.2.
 <li> <a href="">ISSUE-462</a>: Added clarification regarding entity attributes (with respect to fixed aspects) and role of identifier with respect to equality.
+<li> <a href="">ISSUE-518</a>: Added clarifying sentence of primary source.