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       <a href="#wasInfluencedBy" class="qname">prov:wasInfluencedBy</a> is a superproperty that relates any influenced Entity, Activity, or Agent to any other 
       influencing Entity, Activity, or Agent that had an effect on its characteristics. 
-      More specifically, three subproperties of <span class="repeated">prov:wasDerivedFrom</span> are provided for certain kinds of derivation among Entities: 
+      Three subproperties of <span class="repeated">prov:wasDerivedFrom</span> are also provided for certain kinds of derivation among Entities: 
       <a href="#wasQuotedFrom" class="qname">prov:wasQuotedFrom</a> cites a potentially larger Entity (such as a book, blog, or image) from which a new Entity was created
       by repeating some or all of the original, 
       <a href="#wasRevisionOf" class="qname">prov:wasRevisionOf</a> indicates that the derived Entity contains substantial content from the original Entity