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 The following expressions</p>
 <pre class="codeexample">
-  wasGeneratedBy(e1,a1, 2001-10-26T21:32:52, [ex:port="p1", ex:order=1])
-  wasGeneratedBy(e2,a1, 2001-10-26T10:00:00, [ex:port="p1", ex:order=2])
+  wasGeneratedBy(e1,a1, 2001-10-26T21:32:52, [ex:port="p1"])
+  wasGeneratedBy(e2,a1, 2001-10-26T10:00:00, [ex:port="p2"])
 <p>state the existence of two generations (with respective times <span class="name">2001-10-26T21:32:52</span> and <span
 class="name">2001-10-26T10:00:00</span>), at which new entities,  identified by <span class="name">e1</span> and <span class="name">e2</span>, are created by an
 activity,  identified by <span class="name">a1</span>.
-The first one is available as the first value on port p1, whereas the other is the second value on port p1.  The semantics of <span class="name">port</span> and <span
-class="name">order</span> are application specific.
+The first one is available  on port p1, whereas the other is available on port p2.  The semantics of <span class="name">port</span> are application specific.