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           // if your specification has a subtitle that goes below the main
           // formal title, define it here
-//          subtitle   :  "<a href=\"diff-c.html\">Changes</a> since internal release (pre-LC)",
+          subtitle : "<a href=\"diff-c.html\">Changes</a> since Last Call Working Draft  (LC)",
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 <p>This specification identifies  <a
 href="http://www.w3.org/2005/10/Process-20051014/tr#cfi">features at
-risk</a> related to the at-risk Mention feature of [[PROV-DM]]:
+risk</a> related to the at-risk Mention feature of [[!PROV-DM]]:
 <a class="rule-text" href="#mention-specialization-inference"><span>TBD</span></a> and
 <a class="rule-text" href="#unique-mention"><span>TBD</span></a>.
 These might be removed from PROV-CONSTRAINTS.</p>
@@ -608,7 +608,7 @@
 requirements for compliance with this document, which are specified in
 detail in the rest of the document.  </p>
-<p> <a href="#inferences">Section 4</a> presents definitions and inferences.  Definitions allow replacing shorthand notation in [[PROV-N]]
+<p> <a href="#inferences">Section 4</a> presents definitions and inferences.  Definitions allow replacing shorthand notation in [[!PROV-N]]
 with more explicit and complete statements; inferences allow adding
 new facts representing implicit knowledge about the structure of
 provenance.  </p>
@@ -2953,12 +2953,12 @@
       existential variable), then their
    <a>unifier</a> is
       <span class="name">[x=t']</span>.  In the special case where
-      <span class="name">t'=x</span>, the  unifier is the empty substitution.</li>
+      <span class="name">t'=x</span>, the  <a>unifier</a> is the empty substitution.</li>
          <li> If <span class="name">t</span> is any term (identifier, constant,
       placeholder <span class="name">-</span>, or
       existential variable) and
    <span class="name">x'</span> is an existential variable, then their
-      unifier is the same as the unifier of <span class="name">x</span>
+      <a>unifier</a> is the same as the <a>unifier</a> of <span class="name">x</span>
       and <span class="name">t</span>.</li>
@@ -4569,7 +4569,7 @@
   Check that none of the impossibility constraints <a href="#impossibility-constraints">(section 5.4)</a>  are
   violated.  If any are violated, then <span class="math">I</span> is
-  not <a>valid</a>.  Otherwise, <span class="math">I</span> is <a>valid</a>
+  not <a>valid</a>.  Otherwise, <span class="math">I</span> is <a>valid</a>.
@@ -4885,6 +4885,57 @@
 <section class="appendix"> 
+      <h2>Changes since last version</h2> 
+  <li>Abstract: clarified that term "validity" is analogous to other
+  notions of validity in Web standards. </li>
+  <li>Added bullet point linking to PROV-SEM under "How to read the
+  PROV family of specifications"</li>
+  <li>Revised sec. 1.2 to clarify terminology (validity), emphasize
+  that any implementation equivalent to the procedural specification
+  is compliant, and clarify that treating "equivalent instances in the
+  same way" is a guideline.</li>
+  <li>Added paragraph to sec 2.4 to clarify the purpose of the section.</li>
+  <li>Sec 2.4 Unification and Merging: changed "merging" to "unification" for terms</li>
+  <li>Sec. 2.4 "Applying definitions, inferences and constraints":
+  Updated merging to unification and added paragraph reinforcing that
+  compliance is algorithm independent</li>
+  <li>Sec. 2.4 "Checking ordering, typing and impossibility
+  constraints": Avoided use of the term "satisfies".</li>
+  <li>Sec. 2.4 "Equivalence and Isomorphism": Extended equivalence to
+  be defined on all instances, valid or not.  Removed analogy to RDF.</li>
+  <li>Sec. 2.4 "From Instances to Bundles and Documents": Revised to
+  avoid giving the impression that toplevel instances must be disjoint
+  from bundles; removed reference to RDF.</li>
+  <li>Sec. 3. Clarified and reinforced algorithm independence.</li>
+  <li>Sec. 4.  Added clarifying remark about role of definitions.</li>
+  <li>Sec. 4. Avoided reference to RDF, minor clarifications to
+  discussion of existential variables. </li>
+  <li>Sec. 4.1. Spelling correction.</li>
+  <li>Sec. 4.4. Merging -> unification</li>
+  <li>Sec. 5. Merging -> unification terminology change.  Added
+  declarative definition of unification.  Clarified
+  procedural definition.  Removed definition of merging of attribute
+  lists.  Updated descriptions of uniqueness and key constraint application.</li>
+  <li>Constraint 23.  Renamed e, a, ag to id.</li>
+  <li>Sec. 5.2.  Explicitly stated that strictly-precedes is irreflexive.</li>
+  <li>Sec. 5.2. Spelling</li>
+  <li>Sec. 5.2, just before constraint 51: updated text to accurately
+  describe constraint.</li>
+  <li>Sec. 6.  Merging -> unification.  Updated definition of validity
+  to avoid referring to "satisfies".  Explicitly defined isomorphism
+  of instances.  Broadened the definition of equivalence so that it is
+  allowed to test arbitrary instances for equivalence.  Reinforce the
+  intention of the guideline that applications treat equivalent
+  instances "in the same way".</li>
+  <li>Dropped RDF as a normative reference.</li>
+  <li>Made PROV-DM and PROV-N into normative references.</li>
+<section class="appendix"> 
@@ -4988,7 +5039,7 @@
 <!--  LocalWords:  wasInvalidated th  nontermination  implementability att evt
-<!--  LocalWords:  Irreflexivity mentionOf preorder equalities unsatisfiable
+<!--  LocalWords:  Irreflexivity mentionOf preorder equalities unsatisfiable De
 <!--  LocalWords:  Lebo subfigures pre del irreflexivity superproperty typeOf
@@ -5000,5 +5051,7 @@
 <!--  LocalWords:  implementers multi unifier ERCIM Groth Stian Soiland Ilkay
-<!--  LocalWords:  Altintas Reza
+<!--  LocalWords:  Altintas Reza B'Far Belhajjame Informatics Coppens IBBT Nies
+<!--  LocalWords:  Corsar Cresswell Deus DERI Galway
+ -->