removed mention of in provo narrative
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removed mention of in provo narrative
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     <a href="#mentionOf" class="qname">prov:mentionOf</a> is a special type of <span class="repeated">prov:specializationOf</span> whose subject presents as an aspect a particular <span class="repeated">prov:Bundle</span> in which its more general Entity was described (<a href="#asInBundle" class="qname">prov:asInBundle</a> is used to cite the Bundle in which the generalization was mentioned).
-      <div class="note">
-      <p>The <span class="repeated">prov:mentionOf</span> and <span class="repeated">prov:asInBundle</span> properties are "<a href="">at risk</a>" and may be removed from this specification based on feedback. Please send feedback to [email protected]</p>
-      <p>These two properties are used to encode the PROV-DM's <a href="">Mention construct</a>, which might be removed from PROV if implementation experience reveals problems with supporting this construct. 
-      </div>
       The <strong>third</strong> category allows further description of Entities. The property <a href="#value" class="qname">prov:value</a> holds a literal value for the Entity. For example, the <span class="repeated">prov:value</span> of a quote could be a string of the sentences stated, or the <span class="repeated">prov:value</span> of an Entity involved in a numeric calculation could be the xsd:integer four.
 		 The property <a href="#atLocation" class="qname">prov:atLocation</a> can be used to describe the <a href="#Location" class="qname">prov:Location</a> of any