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-<p>An entity can be mentioned in a bundle, which contains some
- descriptions about this entity. In this case, this entity in the
-bundle can be regarded as a specialization of another entity.</p>
 <div class="note">
 <p>Note: This feature is "<a href="">at risk</a>" and may be removed from this specification based on feedback. Please send feedback to [email protected]</p>
 <p>The "Mention" construct might be removed from PROV if implementation experience reveals problems with supporting this construct.</p>
-<p>The following notion is a relation between two entities with regard to a bundle.
+<p>An entity <span class="name">e1</span> may be mentioned in a bundle <span class="name">b</span>, which contains some
+ descriptions about this entity <span class="name">e1</span>: how <span class="name">e1</span> was generated and used, which activities <span class="name">e1</span> is involved with, the agents <span class="name">e1</span> is attributed to, etc. Other bundles may contain other descriptions about the same entity <span class="name">e1</span>.
+Some applications may want to interpret
+this entity <span class="name">e1</span> with respect to the descriptions found in the bundle <span class="name">b</span> it occurs in. To this end, PROV allows a new entity <span class="name">e2</span> to be created, which is a specialization of the original entity <span class="name">e1</span>, and which presents an additional aspect:  the bundle <span class="name">b</span> containing some descriptions of <span class="name">e1</span>.  With this relation, applications that process <span class="name">e2</span>
+can know that the attributes of <span class="name">e2</span> may have been computed according to the descriptions of <span class="name">e1</span> in <span class="name">b</span>.</p>
+<p>Thus, the following notion is a relation between two entities with regard to a bundle.
 It is a special case of specialization.</p>