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 statements in valid PROV instances.
-<p><a href="#equivalence">Section 6</a> defines the notions
+<p><a href="#normalization-validity-equivalence">Section 6</a> defines the notions
 of <a>validity</a>, <a>equivalence</a> and <a>normalization</a>.
@@ -1127,7 +1127,7 @@
 horizontal axis represents the event line. We see that <span class="name">e1</span> was generated after <span class="name">e2</span> was used. Furthermore, the illustration also shows that
 <span class="name">a3</span> completes before <span class="name">a1</span>.  So it is impossible for <span class="name">a3</span> to have used an entity generated by <span
 class="name">a1</span>. This is illustrated in <a
-href="#wasInformedBy-non-transitive">Figure 1</a>.</p>
+href="#counterexample-wasInformedBy">Figure 1</a>.</p>
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