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       of derivation is on connecting a generated entity to a used
       entity.") that would add clarity to the definition of
+Sentence was added to the text explaining the notion of derivation:
+Acknowledgment  expected
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 <p>Alternate is not  defined as Influence, and therefore does not have an id and attributes.</p>  
+Note that <a title="alternateOf">alternateOf</a> is a necessarily very general
+relationship that, in reasoning, only states that the two
+alternate entities fix different aspects of some common thing
+(possibly evolving over time), and so there is some relevant
+connection between the provenance of the alternates. In a
+specific application context, <a title="alternateOf">alternateOf</a>, or a subtype of it,
+could allow more inferences.
 <div class="anexample" id="anexample-alternate">
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 <li> <a href="">ISSUE-514</a>: added links to the attributes listed in the secondary element table. Also removed PrimarySource, Quotation, Revision.
 <li> <a href="">ISSUE-502</a>: Added sentence in section 2.1.2 explaining that the focus
       of derivation is on connecting a generated entity to a used  entity.
+<li> <a href="">ISSUE-526</a>: Added sentence clarifying sentence in section 5.5.2.