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provo html tweaks
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       <div id="description-bundle">
-         A <span class="repeated">prov:Bundle</span> is a named set of provenance descriptions that enables the expression of provenance of provenance.
-         It is important to note that the set of provenance descriptions can assume forms beyond PROV-O triples, such as videotaped testimony or scribbles on a drink napkin. 
+         A <span class="repeated">prov:Bundle</span> is a named set of provenance descriptions, which may itself have provenance. 
+         The named provenance descriptions may be expressed as PROV-O or in some other form.
          The subclass of Bundle that contains PROV-O assertions is not provided by PROV-O, since it is more appropriate to do so using other recommendations, 
          standards, or technologies. In any case, a Bundle of PROV-O assertions is an abstract set of RDF triples, and adding or removing a triple creates a distinct 
          Bundle of PROV-O assertions.