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prov-n release
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 <p> PROV-N adopts a functional-style syntax consisting of a predicate name and an ordered list of terms.
 All PROV data model relations involve two primary elements, the <em>subject</em> and the <em>object</em>, in this order. Furthermore, some expressions also admit additional elements that further characterize it.
-</p><div class="anexample" id="example_1" data-count="1"><div class="anexampleTitle"><a class="internalDFN" href="#example_1">Example 1</a></div>
+</p><div class="anexample" id="example_1"><div class="anexampleTitle"><a class="internalDFN" href="#example_1">Example 1</a></div>
 The following expression should be read as "<span class="name">e2</span> was derived from <span class="name">e1</span>". Here <span class="name">e2</span> is the subject, and  <span class="name">e1</span> is the object.
 <pre class="codeexample">wasDerivedFrom(e2, e1)