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 	  <p>The <strong>second</strong> category relates Entities according to their levels of abstraction, where some Entities may present more specific aspects than their more general counterparts. 
       While <a href="#specializationOf" class="qname">prov:specializationOf</a> links a more specific Entity to a more general one (e.g., today's BBC news home page versus BBC's news home page on any day), <a href="#alternateOf" class="qname">prov:alternateOf</a> links Entities that present aspects of the same thing, but not necessarily the same aspects or at the same time (e.g., the serialization of a document in different formats).
-    <a href="#mentionOf" class="qname">prov:mentionOf</a> is a special type of <span class="repeated">prov:specializationOf</span> whose subject presents as an aspect a particular <span class="repeated">prov:Bundle</span> in which its more general Entity was described (<a href="#asInBundle" class="qname">prov:asInBundle</a> is used to cite the Bundle in which the generalization was mentioned).