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* minor wording
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 <p>The PROV Data Model, PROV-DM, is a conceptual data model for provenance, which is
 realizable using different representations such as PROV-N and PROV-O.
 A <dfn>PROV instance</dfn> is a set of PROV statements.
-A <dfn>PROV document</dfn> consists of an instance, called the <dfn>toplevel instance</dfn> 
-together with zero or more <dfn title="bundle">bundles</dfn>, or named instances.  For
+A <dfn>PROV document</dfn> consists of an anonymous instance, called the <dfn>toplevel instance</dfn>, 
+together with zero or more named instances, called <dfn title="bundle">bundles</dfn>.  For
 example, a PROV document could be a .provn document, the result
 of a query, a triple store containing PROV statements in RDF, etc.
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       Responses to Public Comments on the Candidate Recommendation</a>
       for more details about the justification of these changes.</p>
+  <li> Reworded description of toplevel instance and
+      bundles to provide a clearer restatement in one place (Sec. 1.2)</li>
   <li>Fixed a number of broken links from definition references to definitions</li>
   <li>Updated the introduction to describe proposed recommendation
       status and references to other PROV documents</li>