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-    <section id='abstract'>
+    <section id="abstract">
 <p> The PROV Ontology Model (also PROV ontology) encodes the PROV Data Model [[PROV-DM]] in the OWL2 Web Ontology Language (OWL2). The PROV ontology consists of a set of classes, properties, and restrictions that can be used to represent provenance information. The PROV ontology is specialized to create domain-specific provenance ontologies that model the provenance information specific to different applications. The PROV ontology supports a set of entailments based on OWL2 formal semantics and provenance specific inference rules. The PROV ontology is available for download as a separate OWL2 document.</p>
-    </section>
+   </section>
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-<p>TODO: MUST include at least one customized paragraph. This section SHOULD include the title page date (i.e., the one next to the maturity level at the top of the document). These paragraphs SHOULD explain the publication context, including rationale and relationships to other work. See examples and more discussion in the Manual of Style.<a href="">TODO</a></p>
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 	      NOT", "SHOULD", "SHOULD NOT", "RECOMMENDED",  "MAY", and
 	      "OPTIONAL" in this document are to be interpreted as described in
 		<h3>Guide to this Document</h3>
 		<p> This document is intended for provide an understanding of
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 		  <a href=""><img src="" alt="Object properties among all classes in the PROV ontology"/></a>
+	  <section id="data-model-properties-not-addressed-in-prov-ontology"> 
+	  	<h3>Data model properties not yet addressed in PROV-O</h3>
+        <p>The following data model properties have not yet been discussed and included in the ontology: </p>
+		<ul>
+			<li><a href="">Attribution expression</a></li>
+			<li><a href="">Quotation expression</a></li>
+			<li><a href="">Summary expression</a></li>
+			<li><a href="">Original source expression</a></li>
+			<li><a href="">Revision expression</a></li>
+		</ul>
+      </section>
 	<section id="specializing-provenance-ontology-for-domain-specific-provenance-applications">
       <h2>Specializing Provenance Ontology for Domain-specific Provenance Applications</h2>
 	    <p>The PROV Ontology is conceived as a reference ontology that can be extended by various domain-specific applications to model the required set of provenance terms. The PROv Ontology classes and properties can be specialized using the following two RDFS properties:</p>