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Fri, 05 Apr 2013 18:11:45 +0100
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Update change log
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+<dt>2013-04-05 18:10 +0100 eb85bfc53e09 Graham Klyne</dt><dd>Many editorial fixes suggested by Stian; add RFC2119 reference; revised service description examples and text; update SPARQL-SD reference; some re-organization and cross-linking of material relating to direct HTTP query service description and invocation; clean up description of URI template handling; dropped suggestion of escaping '#', etc. in target-URIs used with templates; updated pingback examples; dropped Link: headers from pingback responses in examples; some re-working of pingback description and examples; updated security considerations, esp. concern of POST to maliciously provided pingback URI</dd>
+<dt>2013-04-05 14:17 +0100 41eaac306f75 Graham Klyne</dt><dd>Updated examples and clarified description of pingback; removed 'third working draft' paragraph; moved note about handling of anchors in HTTP vs HTML/RDF; changed URIs in examples to make them more recognizable as instances</dd>
+<dt>2013-03-26 21:45 +0000 b223c6898726 Graham Klyne</dt><dd>Fix cross-references to provenance-pingbacks</dd>
+<dt>2013-03-26 20:17 +0000 0dcbb7275a70 Graham Klyne</dt><dd>Update change log</dd>
 <dt>2013-03-26 20:15 +0000 4c62e1f97edd Graham Klyne</dt><dd>First draft of changes to remove directionality of provenance pingback (previously described as forward provenance)</dd>
-<dt>2013-03-25 16:15 +0000 cd9d155c1be3 Graham Klyne</dt><dd>Allow publish date to 'float' for working copy</dd>
+<dt>2013-03-25 16:15 +0000 cd9d155c1be3 Graham Klyne</dt><dd>Allow publish date to 'float' for mworking copy</dd>
 <dt>2013-03-25 16:12 +0000 5389846eaf90 Graham Klyne</dt><dd>Merge</dd>
 <dt>2013-03-25 16:11 +0000 bb6113fa4e67 Graham Klyne</dt><dd>Clean up TODO flags</dd>
 <dt>2013-03-25 15:48 +0000 700014e20954 Graham Klyne</dt><dd>Add note in section 3 to acknowledge ISSUE-628 (but no substantive change)</dd>