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fix <dfn> IDs
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  <li><a href="#terminology"><span class="secno">3 </span>Terminology</a></li>
  <li><a href="#model"><span class="secno">4 </span>Model</a>
   <ol class="toc">
-   <li><a href="#direction"><span class="secno">4.1 </span>Direction</a></li>
-   <li><a href="#language"><span class="secno">4.2 </span>Language</a></li>
+   <li><a href="#direction-0"><span class="secno">4.1 </span>Direction</a></li>
+   <li><a href="#language-0"><span class="secno">4.2 </span>Language</a></li>
    <li><a href="#permission"><span class="secno">4.3 </span>Permission</a></li>
    <li><a href="#notification-lists"><span class="secno">4.4 </span>Notification lists</a></li>
    <li><a href="#showing-a-notification"><span class="secno">4.5 </span>Showing a notification</a></li>
@@ -226,15 +226,15 @@
 delivery of email.
 <p>Each <a href="#concept-notification" title="concept-notification">notification</a> has a
-<dfn id="title">title</dfn>, <dfn id="direction-0">direction</dfn>, <dfn id="language-0">language</dfn>, and an
-<dfn id="origin">origin</dfn>.
+<dfn id="title">title</dfn>, <dfn id="direction">direction</dfn>,
+<dfn id="language">language</dfn>, and an <dfn id="origin">origin</dfn>.
 <p>Each <a href="#concept-notification" title="concept-notification">notification</a> <em>can</em>
 have an associated <dfn id="body">body</dfn>, <dfn id="tag">tag</dfn>, <dfn id="icon-url">icon URL</dfn>, and
 <dfn id="icon">icon</dfn>.
-<h3 id="direction"><span class="secno">4.1 </span>Direction</h3>
+<h3 id="direction-0"><span class="secno">4.1 </span>Direction</h3>
 <p>This section is written in terms equivalent to those used in the
 Rendering section of HTML. <a href="#refsHTML">[HTML]</a>
@@ -251,18 +251,18 @@
 U+000A LINE FEED (LF) characters. For each paragraph of the
 <a href="#title">title</a> and <a href="#body">body</a>, the
 <a href="#concept-notification" title="concept-notification">notification</a>'s
-<a href="#direction-0">direction</a> provides the higher-level override of rules P2 and P3
+<a href="#direction">direction</a> provides the higher-level override of rules P2 and P3
 if it has a value other than "<code title="">auto</code>".
 <a href="#refsBIDI">[BIDI]</a>
-<h3 id="language"><span class="secno">4.2 </span>Language</h3>
+<h3 id="language-0"><span class="secno">4.2 </span>Language</h3>
 <!-- keep this in sync with -->
 <p>The <a href="#concept-notification" title="concept-notification">notification</a>'s
-<a href="#language-0">language</a> specifies the primary language for the
+<a href="#language">language</a> specifies the primary language for the
 <a href="#concept-notification" title="concept-notification">notification</a>'s <a href="#title">title</a>
 and <a href="#body">body</a>. Its value is a valid BCP 47 language tag, or the
 empty string. The empty string indicates that the primary language is
@@ -510,12 +510,12 @@
  <var title="">title</var>,
  <a class="external" href="" title="convert a DOMString to a sequence of Unicode characters">converted to Unicode</a>.
- <li><p>Set <var title="">notification</var>'s <a href="#direction-0">direction</a> to
+ <li><p>Set <var title="">notification</var>'s <a href="#direction">direction</a> to
  <var title="">options</var>'s <code title="">dir</code>.
  <li><p>If <var title="">options</var>'s <code title="">lang</code> is a valid
  BCP 47 language tag, or the empty string, set
- <var title="">notification</var>'s <a href="#language-0">language</a> to
+ <var title="">notification</var>'s <a href="#language">language</a> to
  <var title="">options</var>'s <code title="">lang</code>, or set it to the empty
  string otherwise. <a href="#refsLANG">[LANG]</a>
--- a/Overview.src.html	Tue Jul 24 13:41:20 2012 +0200
+++ b/Overview.src.html	Tue Jul 24 13:43:08 2012 +0200
@@ -203,8 +203,8 @@
 delivery of email.
 <p>Each <span title=concept-notification>notification</span> has a
-<dfn>title</dfn>, <dfn>direction</dfn>, <dfn>language</dfn>, and an
+<dfn>title</dfn>, <dfn id=direction>direction</dfn>,
+<dfn id=language>language</dfn>, and an <dfn>origin</dfn>.
 <p>Each <span title=concept-notification>notification</span> <em>can</em>
 have an associated <dfn>body</dfn>, <dfn>tag</dfn>, <dfn>icon URL</dfn>, and