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-<!doctype html>
-<title>The badged view mode</title>
+<!DOCTYPE html><html><head><title>The badged view mode</title>
-  <h1>The badged view mode</h1>
-  <p><a href="">Latest Draft</a> | <a href="
+  <h1 id="the-'docked'-view-mode"><span class=secno>1 </span>The 'docked' view mode</h1>
+  <p><a href=>Latest Draft</a> | <a href="
-">Test suite</a> | <a href="">Implementation report</a>. </p>
+">Test suite</a> | <a href=>Implementation report</a>. </p>
     <dt>Editor: </dt>
-    <dd>Marcos Cáceres</dd>
+    <dd>Marcos Cáceres</dd>
     <dt>Quality assurer:</dt>
-    <dt>Provenance:</dt>
-    <dd><a href="">Initial proposal</a></dd>
+    <dt>IPR Provenance:</dt>
+    <dd><a href=>Initial mailing list proposal</a></dd>
-  <p class="copyright"><a href="" rel="license"><img alt="CC0" src=""></a>
+  <p class=copyright><a href= rel=license><img alt=CC0 src=></a>
 To the extent possible under law, the editor has waived all copyright and
 related or neighboring rights to this work. In addition, as of
-[DATE], the editors have made this specification available
+11 May 2012, the editors have made this specification available
 under the
-<a href="" rel="license">Open Web Foundation Agreement Version 1.0</a>,
+<a href= rel=license>Open Web Foundation Agreement Version 1.0</a>,
 which is available at
-<section id="abstract">
-<p>This specification defines a new view mode media feature called "badged", which can be used as a <cite>view mode</cite> as defined in [View Modes].</p>
+<section id=abstract>
+<h2 id=abstract-0><span class=secno>1.1 </span>Abstract</h2>
+<p>This specification defines a  view mode called "docked", which can be used as a with a view mode media feature. An application is said to be "docked" when into some other context (e.g., a toolbar or panel). </p>
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+<h2 id=table-of-contents><span class=secno>1.2 </span>Table of contents</h2>
+<ol class=toc>
+ <li><a href="#the-'docked'-view-mode"><span class=secno>1 </span>The 'docked' view mode</a>
+  <ol>
+   <li><a href=#abstract-0><span class=secno>1.1 </span>Abstract</a></li>
+   <li><a href=#table-of-contents><span class=secno>1.2 </span>Table of contents</a></li>
+   <li><a href=#status-of-this-document><span class=secno>1.3 </span>Status of this document</a></li>
+   <li><a href=#the-docked-view-mode><span class=secno>1.4 </span>The docked view mode</a>
+    <ol>
+     <li><a href=#examples><span class=secno>1.4.1 </span>Examples</a></li></ol></li></ol></li></ol>
+<section id=sotd>
+<h2 id=status-of-this-document><span class=secno>1.3 </span>Status of this document</h2>
+<p>This document has no standing of any kind. It's jut a proposal for discussion.</p>
+<h2 id=the-docked-view-mode><span class=secno>1.4 </span>The docked view mode</h2>
+<p>The <dfn id=docked>docked</dfn> view mode is intended to be used when a document of the web application is being placed amongst a list of other applications or items (e.g., as part of a toolbar or panel). </p>
+<h3 id=examples><span class=secno>1.4.1 </span>Examples</h3>
+The following example CSS shows the docked view mode in action. 
[email protected] (view-mode: docked) {
+    // ...
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