Added author guidelines about SVG's level of support
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Added author guidelines about SVG's level of support
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-<title>Splash screen</title>
+<title>Splash screen for native web apps</title>
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   <h1>Splash screen for native web apps</h1>
+  <p><a href="">Latest Draft</a> | <a href="
+">Test suite</a> | <a href="">Implementation report</a>. </p>
-    <dt>Latest Draft:</dt>
-    <dd><a href=""></a></dd>
-    <dt>Test suite:</dt>
-    <dd><a href=
-      ""></a></dd>
-    <dt>Implementation report:</dt>
-    <dd><a href=
-      ""></a> </dd>
+    <dd>&nbsp;</dd>
     <dt>Editor: </dt>
     <dd>Marcos Cáceres</dd>
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 <p>It is <em class="ct">optional</em> for a <span>user agent</span> to <span title="supported">support</span> the <span title="media type">media types</span> listed in the <span>default splash-screen table</span>.</p>
+<p>Authoring guideline: At the time of writing, there is limited support on devices for displaying SVG as a splash screen. We recommend you include a splash screen in one of more of the other formats listed in the <span>default splash-screen table</span>.</p>
 <h2>Finding the splash screen</h2>
 <p>Firstly, when processing the splash attribute in the configuration document, a user agent behaves as if the <span>splash file defaults table</span> had been defined as part of the <a href="">Table of Configuration Defaults</a> in <a href="">Step 3</a> of the <cite>Widget Packaging</cite> specification.</p>
 <table summary="The configuration defaults that a user agent must set prior to instantiation." class="simple" style="border: 1px solid black">