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 ones) as response <code>ETag</code> header values.
-	<div class="ldp-issue-closed">
-	<div class="ldp-issue-title"><a href="http://www.w3.org/2012/ldp/track/issues/15">ISSUE-15</a></div>
-	sharing binary resources and metadata
-	</div>
 	<div class="ldp-issue-open">
 	<div class="ldp-issue-title"><a href="http://www.w3.org/2012/ldp/track/issues/16">ISSUE-16</a></div>
 	Redirection of non-information resources to LDPRs
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 	<p>This specification adds no new requirements on HTTP POST for LDPRs 
 		only when the LDPR supports that method.  This specification does not impose any
 		new requirement to support that method, and [[!HTTP11]] makes it optional</p>
+	<p>Creation of LDPRs is done via HTTP POST to a LDPC, see the section <a href="#ldpc-HTTP_POST">HTTP POST</a>
+	 in the LDPC parent section for more details.</p>
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 		SHOULD NOT re-use URIs, per the<a href="#ldpc-5_2_9">
 		general requirements on LDPCs</a>.
-	<div class="ldp-issue-open">
-	<div id="ldpc-5_4_12" class="rule">ISSUE-15 5.4.12 LDPC servers that allow non-LDPR member creation via POST 
-		MAY create a companion LDPR, things to work out:
-		<ul>
-		<li>Should this really be in LDPC section since it has to do with LDPR to non-LDPR relationship?  confusion might be with create/POST</li>
-		<li>Need to update HEAD for non-LDPRs</li>
-		<li>DELETE for LDPRs (client may not have control of this) and non-LDPRs (should remove it + any LDPR)</li>
-		<li>Do we need to say anyting about update</li>
-		</ul>
-	</div>	
+	<div id="ldpc-5_4_12" class="rule">5.4.12 Upon successful creation of a non-RDF and therefore non-LDPR member (HTTP status code of 
+	201-Created and URI indicated by <code>Location</code>) response header, LDPC servers MAY create an associated LDPR
+	to contain data about the created resource.  If an LDPC Server creates this associated LDPR it MUST indicate
+	its location on the HTTP response using the HTTP response header <code>Link</code> and relationship type <code>meta</code>
+	and <code>href</code> to be the URI of the meta-resource. [[!RFC5988]]
+	<p>Take for example, this simple request to create binary resource and response. Create a resource, adding to /attachments/ container:</p>
+	<pre class="example">POST /bug1/attachments/ HTTP/1.1
+Host: example.org
+Content-Type: image/png
+Slug: login-page.png
+Content-Length: 1254
+#### binary data #####</pre>
+<div>Response with URLs for new binary resource and associated LDPR: </div>
+<pre class="example">HTTP/1.1 201 Created
+Location: /bug1/attachments/login-page.png
+Link: &lt;/bug1/attachments/3291&gt; rel="meta"
+Content-Length: 0</pre>
 	<div class="ldp-issue-pending">
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 		resources that it created using the <code>ldp:contains</code> predicate, the LDPC server MUST also remove 
 		the deleted member's <code>ldp:contains</code> triple.
+	<div id="ldpc-5_6_4" class="rule">5.6.4 When a LDPC member resource originally created by the LDPC (for example, one whose 
+	representation was HTTP POST'd to the LDPC and then referenced by a membership triple) is deleted, and the LDPC server 
+	created an associated LDPR (see <a href="ldpc-5_4_12">5.4.12</a>), the LDPC server must also remove the associated LDPR it created.
+	</div>	
@@ -1574,6 +1588,12 @@
 		would be <code>Link: &lt;?nonMemberProperties&gt;;rel="http://www.w3.org/ns/ldp#non-member-resource"</code>
+	<div id="ldpc-5_7_2" class="rule">5.7.2 When a LDPC member non-LDPR (e.g. binary) originally created by the LDPC (for example, one whose 
+	representation was HTTP POST'd to the LDPC and then referenced by a membership triple) it might have created an associated LDPR to contain data about the 
+	non-LDPR (see <a href="ldpc-5_4_12">5.4.12</a>).  For non-LDPRs that have this associated LDPR, an LDPC server provide an HTTP <code>Link</code>
+	header whose target URI is the <a>associated LDPR</a>, and whose link relation type is 
+	<code>meta</code> [[!RFC5988]]</div>
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 <blockquote><em><a href="http://www.w3.org/TR/2013/WD-ldp-20130701/">Third Public Working Draft</a></em></blockquote>
-	<li>2013-07-08 - ISSUE-  (JA)</li>
-	<li>2013-07-08 - ISSUE-  (JA)</li>
+	<li>2013-07-08 - ISSUE-15 Inserted 5.4.12, 5.6.4, 5.7.2 to describe link-relation meta usage (SS)</li>
 	<li>2013-07-08 - ISSUE-79 ldp:contains  (JA)</li>
 	<li>2013-07-08 - ISSUE-80 Accept-Post (JA)</li>
 	<li>2013-07-08 - ISSUE-32 Must support options (JA)</li>