Added static references to JSON-LD CR API for JSON-LD CR.
authorManu Sporny <>
Tue, 13 Aug 2013 20:54:38 -0400
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Added static references to JSON-LD CR API for JSON-LD CR.
--- a/spec/CR/json-ld/20130822/index.html	Tue Aug 13 20:42:00 2013 -0400
+++ b/spec/CR/json-ld/20130822/index.html	Tue Aug 13 20:54:38 2013 -0400
@@ -2767,7 +2767,7 @@
   <p>If JSON-LD content is extracted as RDF [<cite><a class="bibref" href="#bib-RDF11-CONCEPTS">RDF11-CONCEPTS</a></cite>], it should be expanded into an
     <a class="tref externalDFN" title="rdf-dataset" href="">RDF Dataset</a> using the
-    <cite><a href="../json-ld-api/#deserialize-json-ld-to-rdf-algorithm">Deserialize JSON-LD to RDF Algorithm</a></cite>
+    <cite><a href="">Deserialize JSON-LD to RDF Algorithm</a></cite>
     [<cite><a class="bibref" href="#bib-JSON-LD-API">JSON-LD-API</a></cite>].</p>
@@ -3256,7 +3256,7 @@
       JSON-LD also supports JSON's native data types, i.e., <a class="tref internalDFN" title="number" href="#dfn-number">number</a>,
       <a class="tref internalDFN" title="string" href="#dfn-string">strings</a>, and the boolean values <a class="tref internalDFN" title="true" href="#dfn-true">true</a>
       and <a class="tref internalDFN" title="false" href="#dfn-false">false</a>. The JSON-LD Processing Algorithms and API specification [<cite><a class="bibref" href="#bib-JSON-LD-API">JSON-LD-API</a></cite>]
-      defines the <a href="../json-ld-api/#data-round-tripping">conversion rules</a>
+      defines the <a href="">conversion rules</a>
       between JSON's native data types and RDF's counterparts to allow round-tripping.</li>
@@ -3311,7 +3311,7 @@
     <p>The process of serializing RDF as JSON-LD and deserializing JSON-LD to RDF
       depends on executing the algorithms defined in
-      <cite><a href="../json-ld-api/#rdf-serialization-deserialization-algorithms">RDF Serialization-Deserialization Algorithms</a></cite>
+      <cite><a href="">RDF Serialization-Deserialization Algorithms</a></cite>
       in the JSON-LD Processing Algorithms and API specification [<cite><a class="bibref" href="#bib-JSON-LD-API">JSON-LD-API</a></cite>].
       It is beyond the scope of this document to detail these algorithms any further,
       but a summary of the necessary operations is provided to illustrate the process.</p>