Fixed validation error in JSON-LD API FPWD.
authorManu Sporny <>
Thu, 12 Jul 2012 13:14:07 -0400
changeset 772 83d45d673ca3
parent 771 dd95f7dc5971
child 773 b5e182b551e8
Fixed validation error in JSON-LD API FPWD.
--- a/spec/WD/json-ld-api/20120712/index.html	Thu Jul 12 13:01:51 2012 -0400
+++ b/spec/WD/json-ld-api/20120712/index.html	Thu Jul 12 13:14:07 2012 -0400
@@ -1118,6 +1118,7 @@
     <h4><span class="secno">3.4.2 </span>JsonLdOptions</h4>
     <p>The <a href="#idl-def-JsonLdOptions" class="idlType"><code>JsonLdOptions</code></a> type is used to convert a set of options to an interface method.</p>
     <pre class="idl"><span class="idlTypedef" id="idl-def-JsonLdOptions">typedef <span class="idlTypedefType"><a>object</a></span> <span class="idlTypedefID">JsonLdOptions</span>;</span></pre><div class="idlTypedefDesc">
+      <dl>
       <dt><a href="#idl-def-URL" class="idlType"><code>URL</code></a> base</dt>
       <dd>The Base <abbr title="Internationalized Resource Identifier">IRI</abbr> to use when expanding the document. This overrides the value of
         <em>input</em> if it is a <a href="#idl-def-URL" class="idlType"><code>URL</code></a> or if it is a <code>object</code> or <code>object[]</code>.</dd>
@@ -1132,6 +1133,7 @@
       <dd>If set to <code>true</code>, the JSON-LD processor will not use the
         <code>@type</code> property when generating the output, and will use the
         expanded <code>rdf:type</code> <abbr title="Internationalized Resource Identifier">IRI</abbr> as the property instead of <code>@type</code>.</dd>
+      </dl>