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Fix broken links
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  and a simpler technology stack for using Linked Data in their Web applications.
  Semantic Web concepts, such as conversion to and from RDF, are fully supported
  by JSON-LD, but the implementation of these features are not elaborated upon
- in this specification. See <a href="#relationship-to-other-rdf-formats"></a>
+ in this specification. See <a href="#relationship-to-other-linked-data-formats-and-data-models"></a>
  for more information about how JSON-LD integrates into the more traditional
  Semantic Web stack.
@@ -2883,7 +2883,7 @@
   MUST NOT contain any other key except <code>@value</code>. The value of
   <code>@type</code> MUST be a <tref>term</tref>, <tref>compact IRI</tref>,
   <tref>absolute IRI</tref>, or <code>null</code>.</p>
-<p>See <a href="#typed-values"></a> and <a href="#language-values"></a>
+<p>See <a href="#typed-values"></a> and <a href="#language-tagged-values"></a>
   for a further discussion of
   <tref title="expanded value">expanded values</tref>.</p>