Rename section "Context" to "Context Processing"
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Rename section "Context" to "Context Processing"
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       The JSON-LD data structure that is produced as output by the algorithm.
-      A <tref>term</tref> is a short word defined with a <a href="#context">context</a> that MAY be expanded
-    to an <tref>IRI</tref>
+      A <tref>term</tref> is a short word defined in a context that MAY be expanded to an <tref>IRI</tref>
       A <tref>prefix</tref> is a <tref>term</tref> that expands to a vocabulary base IRI. It
@@ -917,7 +916,7 @@
-  <h2 id="context">Context</h2>
+  <h2 id="context">Context Processing</h2>
   <p>Processing of JSON-LD data structure is managed recursively.
     During processing, each rule is applied using information provided by the <tref>active context</tref>.
     Processing begins by pushing a new <tref>processor state</tref> onto the <tref>processor state</tref> stack and
@@ -1189,7 +1188,7 @@
   <li>Otherwise, if <em>element</em> is an object
     <ol class="algorithm">
       <li>If <em>element</em> has a <code>@context</code> property, update the <tref>active context</tref> according
-      to the steps outlined in the <a href="#context">context</a> section and remove the <code>@context</code> property.</li>
+      to the steps outlined in <a href="#context-processing">Context Processing</a> and remove the <code>@context</code> property.</li>
       <li>For each <em>property</em> and <em>value</em> in <em>element</em>:
         <ol class="algorithm">
           <li>Set <em>property</em> as <tref>active property</tref>.</li>