Added SOTD and issue markers to address Guus, Sandro and EricP's concerns.
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Added SOTD and issue markers to address Guus, Sandro and EricP's concerns.
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 WebIDL [[!WEBIDL]]. To understand how JSON-LD maps to RDF, it is helpful to be
 familiar with the basic RDF concepts [[!RDF-CONCEPTS]].</p>
+<p class="issue">
+The intent of the Working Group and the Editors of this specification is to
+eventually align terminology used in this document with the terminology used
+in the RDF Concepts document to the extent to which it makes sense to do so.
+In general, if there is an analogue to terminology used in this document in
+the RDF Concepts document, the preference is to use the terminology in the
+RDF Concepts document. 
   Examples may contain references to existing vocabularies and use <tref>prefix</tref>es to refer to vocabularies. The following is a list of all vocabularies and their <tref>prefix</tref> abbreviations, as used in this document:
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       var respecConfig = {
           doRDFa: "1.1",
           // specification status (e.g. WD, LCWD, NOTE, etc.). If in doubt use ED.
-          specStatus:           "ED",
+          specStatus:           "FPWD",
           //publishDate:          "2010-04-29",
           copyrightStart:       "2010",
@@ -266,16 +266,28 @@
 <section id='sotd'>
-<p>This document is an experimental work in progress.</p>
-<!-- <p>
-This document has been reviewed by W3C Members, by software
-developers, and by other W3C groups and interested parties, and is
-endorsed by the Director as a W3C Recommendation. It is a stable
-document and may be used as reference material or cited from another
-document. W3C's role in making the Recommendation is to draw attention
-to the specification and to promote its widespread deployment. This
-enhances the functionality and interoperability of the Web.
-</p> -->
+<p>This document has been under development for over 18 months in the
+JSON for Linking Data Community Group. The document has recently been
+moved into the RDF Working Group for review and publication along the
+Recommendation track. This specification has undergone significant 
+development, review, and changes during the course of the last 18
+months and is being published as a First Public Working Draft so that
+it may gain wider review and feedback.
+There are currently 
+<a href="">five interoperable implementations</a> 
+of this specification. There is
+a <a href="">fairly complete test suite</a> 
+and a  
+<a href="">live JSON-LD editor</a> 
+that is capable of demonstrating the features described in 
+this document. While development on implementations, the test suite
+and the live editor will continue, they are believed to be mature enough
+to be integrated into a non-production system at this point in time with
+the expectation that they could be used in a production system within the
+next year.
 <section class="informative">