Fix Compaction step to move "Continue with the next expanded property from element" to 7.2.4.
authorGregg Kellogg <>
Fri, 17 May 2013 12:45:55 -0700
changeset 1664 189a949ca4ca
parent 1663 1a52e9b2c4d3
child 1665 b9f452c3e5fd
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Fix Compaction step to move "Continue with the next expanded property from element" to 7.2.4.
Fix many markup errors, which people should be more careful about.
--- a/spec/latest/json-ld-api/index.html	Tue May 14 13:12:18 2013 -0400
+++ b/spec/latest/json-ld-api/index.html	Fri May 17 12:45:55 2013 -0700
@@ -931,6 +931,7 @@
                   <i>context</i> for <tref>local context</tref>, and <i>remote contexts</i>.</li>
                 <li>Continue with the next <i>context</i>.</li>
+            </li>
             <li>If <i>context</i> is not a <tref>JSON object</tref>, an
               <code class="error"><a href="#idl-def-JsonLdErrorCode.invalid-local-context">invalid local context</a></code>
               error has been detected and processing is aborted.</li>
@@ -1643,7 +1644,7 @@
                 <li>If <i>result</i> has no <code>@reverse</code> member, create
                   one and initialize its value to an empty <tref>JSON object</tref>.</li>
                 <li>Reference the value of the <code>@reverse</code> member in <i>result</i>
-                  using the variable <i>reverse map</i>.
+                  using the variable <i>reverse map</i>.</li>
                 <li>If <i>expanded value</i> is not an <tref>array</tref>, set
                   it to an <tref>array</tref> containing <i>expanded value</i>.</li>
                 <li>For each <i>item</i> in <i>expanded value</i>
@@ -2003,9 +2004,10 @@
                       <code>@reverse</code> for <i>iri</i>,
                       and <tref>true</tref> for <i>vocab</i>.</li>
                     <li>Set the value of the <i>alias</i> member of <i>result</i> to
-                      <i>compacted value</i> and continue with the next
-                      <i>expanded property</i> from <i>element</i>.</li>
+                      <i>compacted value</i>.</li>
+                </li>
+                <li>Continue with the next <i>expanded property</i> from <i>element</i>.</li>
             <li>If <i>expanded property</i> is <code>@index</code> and
@@ -2535,7 +2537,6 @@
           Try to create a <tref>compact IRI</tref>, starting by initializing
           <i>compact IRI</i> to <tref>null</tref>. This variable will be used to
           tore the created <tref>compact IRI</tref>, if any.</li>
-        </li>
         <li>For each key <tref>term</tref> and value <tref>term definition</tref> in
           the <tref>active context</tref>:
           <ol class="algorithm">
@@ -2904,7 +2905,6 @@
                   append <i>element</i> to the <tref>array</tref>. Two
                   <tref title="JSON object">JSON objects</tref> are considered
                   equal if they have equivalent key-value pairs.</li>
-                </li>
             <li>Otherwise, append <i>element</i> to the <code>@list</code> member of <i>list</i>.</li>
@@ -2983,7 +2983,7 @@
                         <li>If <i>value</i> has a <i>property</i> member, append <i>referenced node</i> to
                           its value; otherwise create a <i>property</i> member whose value is an
                           <tref>array</tref> containing <i>referenced node</i>.</li>
-                        <li>Recursively invoke this algorithm passing </em><i>value</i> for
+                        <li>Recursively invoke this algorithm passing <i>value</i> for
                           <i>element</i>, <i>node map</i>, and <tref>active graph</tref>.</li>
@@ -3496,6 +3496,7 @@
                   to the <code>@graph</code> member of <i>node</i> after
                   removing its <code>usages</code> member.</li>
+            </li>
             <li>Append <i>node</i> to <i>result</i> after removing its
               <code>usages</code> member.</li>
@@ -3712,7 +3713,7 @@
   <p>The JSON-LD API uses <tref title="Future">Futures</tref> to represent
     the result of the various asynchronous operations.
     <tdef title="Future">Futures</tdef> are defined in
-    <cite><a href="">section&nbsp;4 Futures</a></cite></a></cite>
+    <cite><a href="">section&nbsp;4 Futures</a></cite>
     of [[!DOM-WHATWG]].</p>
@@ -3726,7 +3727,7 @@
       MUST NOT modify the input parameters. If an error is detected, the Future is
       rejected passing a <a>JsonLdError</a> with the corresponding error
       <code class="idlMemberName"><a href="#widl-JsonLdError-code">code</a></code>
-      and processing is stopped.</li></p>
+      and processing is stopped.</p>
     <dl title="[Constructor] interface JsonLdProcessor" class="idl">
       <dt>Future compact()</dt>
@@ -4085,7 +4086,7 @@
         <dd>A <tref>number</tref>, <tref>true</tref>, or <tref>false</tref> with an
           associated language tag was detected.</dd>
         <dt>invalid typed value</dt>
-        <dd>A <tref>typed value</tref> with an invalid type was detected.</dt>
+        <dd>A <tref>typed value</tref> with an invalid type was detected.</dd>
         <dt>invalid set or list object</dt>
         <dd>A <tref>set object</tref> or <tref>list object</tref> with
           disallowed members has been detected.</dd>