Replace "JSON-LD graph" with just "graph" in the API spec
authorMarkus Lanthaler <>
Sun, 21 Jul 2013 20:49:43 +0200
changeset 1806 0bbc93542ccd
parent 1805 37c4f96cc2c8
child 1807 b3950d5eb509
Replace "JSON-LD graph" with just "graph" in the API spec

... to align it with the syntax spec.

This addresses #258.
--- a/spec/latest/json-ld-api/index.html	Sun Jul 21 20:46:48 2013 +0200
+++ b/spec/latest/json-ld-api/index.html	Sun Jul 21 20:49:43 2013 +0200
@@ -691,14 +691,14 @@
       specification [[!JSON-LD]].</dd>
     <dt><tdef>JSON-LD document</tdef></dt>
     <dd>A <tref>JSON-LD document</tref> is a serialization of a collection of
-      <tref title="JSON-LD graph">JSON-LD graphs</tref> and comprises exactly one
+      <tref title="graph">graphs</tref> and comprises exactly one
       <tref>default graph</tref> and zero or more <tref title="named graph">named graphs</tref>.</dd>
     <dt><tdef>named graph</tdef></dt>
     <dd>A named graph is a pair consisting of an <tref>IRI</tref> or <tref>blank node</tref>
-      (the <tdef>graph name</tdef>) and a <tref>JSON-LD graph</tref>.</dd>
+      (the <tdef>graph name</tdef>) and a <tref>graph</tref>.</dd>
     <dt><tdef>default graph</tdef></dt>
     <dd>The default graph is the only graph in a JSON-LD document which has no <tref>graph name</tref>.</dd>
-    <dt><tdef>JSON-LD graph</tdef></dt>
+    <dt><tdef>Graph</tdef></dt>
     <dd>A labeled directed graph, i.e., a set of <tref title="node">nodes</tref>
       connected by <tref title="edge">edges</tref>,
       as specified in the <cite><a href="../json-ld/#data-model">Data Model</a></cite>
@@ -720,7 +720,7 @@
     <dt><tdef>relative IRI</tdef></dt>
     <dd>A relative IRI is an IRI that is relative to some other <tref>absolute IRI</tref>.</dd>
     <dt><tdef>blank node</tdef></dt>
-    <dd>A <tref>node</tref> in a <tref>JSON-LD graph</tref> that is neither an
+    <dd>A <tref>node</tref> in a <tref>graph</tref> that is neither an
       <tref>IRI</tref>, nor a <tref>JSON-LD value</tref>, nor a <tref>list</tref>.</dd>
     <dt><tdef>blank node identifier</tdef></dt>
     <dd>A blank node identifier is a string that can be used as an identifier for a
@@ -776,7 +776,7 @@
       each IRI contained within a common vocabulary identified by <tref>prefix</tref>.</dd>
     <dt><tdef>node object</tdef></dt>
     <dd>A <tref>node object</tref> represents zero or more properties of a
-      <tref>node</tref> in the <tref>JSON-LD graph</tref> serialized by the
+      <tref>node</tref> in the <tref>graph</tref> serialized by the
       JSON-LD document. A <tref>JSON object</tref> is a <tref>node object</tref>
       if it exists outside of the JSON-LD <tref>context</tref> and:
@@ -2850,7 +2850,7 @@
     <h2>Node Map Generation</h2>
     <p>This algorithm creates a <tref>JSON object</tref> <i>node map</i> holding an indexed
-      representation of the <tref title="JSON-LD graph">graphs</tref> and <tref title="node">nodes</tref>
+      representation of the <tref title="graph">graphs</tref> and <tref title="node">nodes</tref>
       represented in the passed expanded document. All <tref title="node">nodes</tref> that are not
       uniquely identified by an IRI get assigned a (new) <tref>blank node identifier</tref>.
       The resulting <i>node map</i> will have a member for every graph in the document whose
@@ -2869,7 +2869,7 @@
         (the <tref>default graph</tref> is stored under the key <code>@default</code>)
         and whose associated values are <tref title="JSON object">JSON objects</tref>
         which index the <tref title="node">nodes</tref> in the
-        <tref title="JSON-LD graph">graph</tref>. If a
+        <tref title="graph">graph</tref>. If a
         <tref title="property">property's</tref> value is a <tref>node object</tref>,
         it is replaced by a <tref>node object</tref> consisting of only an
         <code>@id</code> member. If a <tref>node object</tref> has no <code>@id</code>