Add some issue markers to the Framing spec
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Wed, 29 Aug 2012 14:24:38 +0200
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Add some issue markers to the Framing spec

This addresses #110, #118, and #119.
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           // it is recommended that the respec.css stylesheet be kept
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           // only "name" is required
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@@ -687,9 +689,15 @@
 <h3>Framing Algorithm</h3>
-<p class="issue">This algorithm is a work in progress. Presently, it only works
+<p class="issue" data-number="118">This algorithm is a work in progress. Presently, it only works
   for documents without named graphs.</p>
+<p class="issue" data-number="110">Currently, framing allows just to select subject definitions based
+  on <code>@type</code> matching or duck typing for included properties. It allows value properties to
+  be explicitly matched based on defining the property and excluding things that are undefined, but it
+  does not allow to be more specific about the types of values selected. Allowing this is currently
+  being discussed.</p>
 <p>The framing algorithm takes an <tref>JSON-LD input</tref> (<strong>expanded input</strong>)
   and an <tref>input frame</tref> (<strong>expanded frame</strong>) that have been expanded
   according to the <a href="../json-ld-api/index.html#expansion-algorithm">Expansion Algorithm</a>,
@@ -845,9 +853,6 @@
   after replacement, an array contains only the value <tref>null</tref> remove the value, leaving
   an empty array. The resulting value is the final <tref>JSON-LD output</tref>.</p>
-<p class="issue">The algorithm needs to be updated to consider <code>@graph</code>. See
-  <a href="">ISSUE-118</a> for details.</p>
 <section id="remove-embed">
@@ -855,8 +860,11 @@
 <p>This algorithm replaces an already embedded <tref>subject definition</tref> with a
   <tref>subject reference</tref>. It then recursively removes any entries in the
   <tref>map of embeds</tref> that had the removed <tref>subject definition</tref> in
-  their parent chain.
-  <div class="issue">About as clear as mud</div></p>
+  their parent chain.</p>
+<p class="issue">About as clear as mud</p>
+<p class="issue" data-number="119">The current behaviour avoids embedding the same data
+  multiple times in the result makes it difficult to work with the output. A proposal
+  to change this to "agressive re-embedding" is currently being discussed.</p>
 <p>The algorithm is invoked with a <tref>framing context</tref> and subject id <em>id</em>.</p>
 <ol class="algorithm">
   <li>Find <em>embed</em> from <tref>map of embeds</tref> for <em>id</em>.</li>