updates to Requires and Helped by in UCnR per UAWG comments
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updates to Requires and Helped by in UCnR per UAWG comments
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           crossing a river, standing heroically in a boat, while soldiers
           do all the paddling", or "the Da Vinci picture of the man in a square and
           a circle".</dd>
-        <dd><em>Requires</em>: <a href="#discoverability">Discoverability</a>,
-          <a href="#reuse">Reuse</a></dd>
+        <dd><em>Requires</em>: <a href="#discoverability">Discoverability</a></dd>
         <dd><em>Helped by</em>: <a href="#inline">Inline</a>,
-          <a href="#no-visual-encumbrance">No Visual Encumbrance</a>,
           <a href="#optional-consumption">Optional Consumption</a>,
+          <a href="#reuse">Reuse</a>,
           <a href="#simple-return">Simple Return</a></dd>
         <dt>Describing a complex diagram</dt>
         <dd>In many environments diagrams are used to explain a concept or
@@ -529,9 +528,11 @@
           see the image (poor contrast vision and other conditions are as
           relevant here as a complete lack of vision), a description can enable
           that user to understand the information being presented.</dd>
-        <dd><em>Requires</em>: <a href="#simple-return">Simple Return</a>,
+        <dd><em>Requires</em>:
           <a href="#structured-markup">Structured Markup</a></dd>
-        <dd><em>Helped by</em>: <a href="#inline">Inline</a></dd>
+        <dd><em>Helped by</em>: <a href="#inline">Inline</a>,
+          <a href="#reuse">Reuse</a>,
+          <a href="#simple-return">Simple Return</a></dd>
         <dt>Teaching accessible development</dt>
         <dd>In many environments producing content that is accessible to users
           regardless of disability is a legal and/or market requirement. </dd>