Removing org:Post sub classs of org:Organization as part of resolving ISSUE 51
authorDave Reynolds <>
Thu, 21 Feb 2013 10:37:49 +0000
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Removing org:Post sub classs of org:Organization as part of resolving ISSUE 51
--- a/org/index.html	Fri Feb 15 17:18:38 2013 +0000
+++ b/org/index.html	Thu Feb 21 10:37:49 2013 +0000
@@ -377,10 +377,13 @@
   a particular individual (Agent) and the organization and does not
   exist unless there is an Agent to partake of the relationship.</p>
-<p>A <a href="#org:Post">org:Post</a> is also defined as a sub-class
-  of <a href="#org:Organization">org:Organization</a> to allow for cases where a Post is
-  actually held by a group of people (whether as a timeshare, as a
-  team or as a formal group such as a committee). </p>
+<p>While commonly a Post would be held by a single person there are
+  situations in government organizations where a Post may itself be, or
+  be treated as, an Organization. There are no disjointness
+  constraints precluding an application of ORG from treating an entity
+  as both a <a href="#org:Post">org:Post</a> and
+  an <a href="#org:Organization">org:Organization</a> simultaneously,
+  if that is an appropriate modelling of the situation.</p>
 <p>A post can have an associated <a href="#org:Role">org:Role</a>.</p>
@@ -1142,9 +1145,6 @@
 <table class="definition">
   <thead><tr><th>RDFS Class:</th><th><a href="">org:Post</a></th></tr></thead>
-  <tbody>
-     <tr><td class="prop">subClassOf:</td><td> <a href="#org:Organization">org:Organization</a></td></tr>
 <!-- Property holds -->
@@ -1232,8 +1232,10 @@
 <table class="definition">
   <thead><tr><th>RDF Property:</th><th><a href="">org:reportsTo</a></th></tr></thead>
-    <tr><td class="prop">Domain:</td><td><a href="">foaf:Agent</a></td></tr>
-    <tr><td class="prop">Range:</td><td><a href="">foaf:Agent</a></td></tr>
+    <tr><td class="prop">Domain:</td><td><code>owl:unionOf</code>(<a href="">foaf:Agent</a>
+    <a href="#org:Post">org:Post</a>) </td></tr>
+    <tr><td class="prop">Range:</td><td><code>owl:unionOf</code>(<a href="">foaf:Agent</a>
+    <a href="#org:Post">org:Post</a>) </td></tr>
     <tr><td class="prop">Usage note:</td><td> 
      The precise semantics of the reporting 
 relationship will vary by organization but is intended to encompass both
@@ -1241,12 +1243,6 @@
 setting authority) and more general reporting or accountability 
 relationships (e.g. so called <em>dotted line</em> reporting).
-    <tr><td class="prop">Usage note:</td><td>
-    Since an <a href="">org:Post</a>
-    is also a <a href="">foaf:Agent</a>
-    it is possible to state that some person reports to (the holder
-    of) a particular post, or that (the holder of) a post reports to a person.
-    </td></tr>
@@ -1581,6 +1577,10 @@
     Working Draft 23 October 2012 (Last Call)</a>:
+  <li>Removed assertion that <a href="#org:Post">org:Post</a> is a sub
+  class of <a href="#org:Organization">org:Organization</a>, adding
+   an informative note that ORG applications are still free to declare
+  entities as being instances of both classes.</li>
   <li>Removed the range constraint
   on <a href="#org:siteAddress">org:siteAddress</a> to allow other
   encodings than VCard to be used.</li>
@@ -1589,11 +1589,6 @@
   to the foaf:Organization class. This statement was present in the
   ontology itself at the time of last call but not sufficiently clear
   in this document.</li>
-  <li>Changed domain/range
-  of <a href="#org:reportsTo">org:reportsTo</a> to be just
-  foaf:Agent, removing the union
-  with  <a href="#org:Post">org:Post</a>. This does not change the
-  semantics since <a href="#org:Post">org:Post</a> is a subclass of foaf:Agent. </li>
   <li>Removed informative comment that the org:reportsTo graph is
   acyclic, this is not necessarily the case.</li>