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start to worok on Dave comments for bp--first changing section numbering
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 <!-- List of Best Practices -->
-<section id="summary">
+<section id='summary'>
 <h2>Summary of Best Practices</h2>
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 <!-- Diagrams -->
-<section id="NOMINATE">
+<section id='NOMINATE'>
 <h2> Linked Open Data Lifecycle </h2>
 <!-- <p class='issue'>Does it make sense to base the GLD life cycle on one of the general LD life cycles? See <a href="">ISSUE-15</a></p> -->
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 <!--<p class="todo"> To include: Phil suggests to include <a href="" target="_blank">Conformance for Vocabularies</a>.
 </p> -->
 <!-- section conformance -->
-<section id="conformance">
+<section id='conformance'>
 <h2>Conformance for Vocabularies</h2>
 A data interchange, however that interchange occurs, is <b>conformant</b> with a vocabulary if:
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 <!-- Discovery Checklist -->
-<section id="LINK">
+<section id='LINK'>
 <h2>Vocabulary Discovery Checklist</h2>
 <p>The following checklist is a guide to helping developers determine whether an existing vocabulary would be a reasonable candidate for use by a government authority.
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-<section id="skos">
+<section id='skos'>
 <h2>Using SKOS to Create a Controlled Vocabulary</h2>
-<div class="note">
+<div class='note'>
 	 [[SKOS-REFERENCE]] , which stands for Simple Knowledge Organization System, is a W3C standard, based on other Semantic Web standards (RDF and OWL), that provides a way to represent controlled vocabularies, taxonomies and thesauri. Specifically, SKOS itself is an OWL ontology and it can be written out in any RDF flavour.