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 URIs SHOULD be constructed in accordance with the guidance provided in this document to ensure ease of use during development and proper consideration to the guidelines given herein. However, Web clients accessing such URIs SHOULD NOT parse or otherwise read into the meaning of URIs.
 <p class="highlight"><b>Compliance with http-range-14</b><br>
 The World Wide Web Consortium's (W3C) Technical Architecture Group (TAG) attempted to settle a long standing debate about the use of URL resolution on 15 June 2005. Specifically, they decided: <p class="todo"> Statement not finished </p>
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 <p class="note"><b>TAG advices on http issues</b><br>
 The TAG provides advice to the community that they may mint "http" URIs for any resource provided that they follow this simple rule for the sake of removing ambiguity as below: